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  1. *The camera shows The Amazing H standing in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand.*
    The Amazing H: Hello my Amazites! It’s been a while but I have a problem that I need to sort out. A problem called Des Pierson. Nearly every week for the past 2 months he’s been attacking me, one upping me and causing me loss after loss. I think it’s time we settled this. Des, I have many, many things I need to say to you, so why don’t you save me the effort of hunting you down and come out here, right now!
    *The Amazing H waits patiently.*

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  2. *A release of both boos and cheers comes from the crowd as they all wait in anticipation for this confrontation. It doesn't take long before both the crowd and Amazing H show signs of disappointment as Terra makes her way out onto the stage, a mic in hand. The music casually dies down as Terra makes her way down the ramp towards the ring, raising the mic as she does so*
    Terra: Alright Hammett, we all know you have some issues going on upstairs, but I'll take this time to remind you.
    *She walks up the steps and makes her into the ring*
    Terra: You don't call the shots around here, therefore you don't makes demands of the talent around here. So how about you learn your place, huh?
    *Terra shows a slight grin as she waits for H to say something*
  3. *The Amazing H looks straight at Terra unimpressed and annoyed.*
    The Amazing H: Now is not the time for fun and games, woman. I have no time for you right now. None whatsoever.
    *H walks past Terra and leans against the ropes looking up the ramp.*
    The Amazing H: I'll say it again... Des, get out here. Your handler who you've sent out isn't the person I want to talk to. Either you come out here, or maybe... MAYBE... Terra is going to have a little problem.
    *Terra's grin from before is quickly lost. H stands, waiting for Des as Terra backs away to the other side of the ring.*
  4. *Slightly louder and clearly more irritated, Terra raises the mic yet again*
    Terra: How many times do I have to tell you!? You are not the boss around here! Des doesn't have to-
    *Terra is cut off by the music of Des Pierson. The crowd, as well as the Amazing H, lighten up as the see the Iron Man Champion step out onto the stage, belt slung over his shoulder. He stands there eyeing H for a second, who in return gestures to him as to say "I saved you a seat right next to me." Des with a slight shake of the head, walks down the ramp as Terra makes her way over to the ropes, the music dying down as Des makes it to the ring, now climbing up the steel steps, as Terra begins yelling once again*
    Terra: Des, he is not in charge of you! Just go back stage and I'll deal with this-
    *Des, who's now standing on the apron, puts his hand over the mic in Terra's hand, to which the crowd responds with a burst of cheers. Des then takes the mic from her hands and steps into the ring, looking the gleaming H right in the eyes. He twirls the mic in hand before raising it to his lips*
    Des Pierson: Well? You said you had, and I quote, "many things" to talk to me about. So let's here it. I wanna hear all of your complaints, all of your questions, and all of your propositions. I'm ready to hear everything that your facepainted crazy-ass has to say.
    *He lowers his mic, gesturing with his hand while mouth "C'mon, out with it."*
  5. The Amazing H: Oh! My crazy-ass has many things to say don't you worry! Hi, how are ya? I'm not used to actually seeing you in person without you BLINDSIDING ME and costing me matches!
    *The Amazing H is enraged.*
    The Amazing H: First off, lets start with miss sassy mcsass-pants over here. What's her problem? She's got a permanent facial expression as if she has her nose in manure. What's all that about?
    *Chuckles can be heard from the audience.*
    The Amazing H: I guess when you associate yourself with shit, you can almost smell the feeling in the air...
    *H takes a second to recompose.*
    The Amazing H: You know, I've changed my mind. I see your eyes. They're widening, you want to hit me. I know you do. So how about it? All I've wanted for weeks is to get you in this ring and fight. You're here, i'm here... As much as I would take pleasure in continuing to belittle your tamer, my urge to break your legs is growing stronger and stronger. What do you say tough guy. You gunna try and hit me when I can see you coming?
  6. *Terra stands against the ropes, glaring at The Amazing H as Des begins laughing*
    Des Pierson: You know, you are a funny guy Hammett. Blindsiding you? Hit you when you can see me coming? You've had nearly 3 years to see me coming, Hammett!
    *The Amazing H has a slightly confused expression as Des begins to speak*
    Des Pierson: Three years! Whether I was a facepainted psychopath like yourself, or whether I was a guy obsessed with just pissing off the man in charge, you were there! You knew of my ambitions, how important it has been for me to prove that I deserve to be here, to prove that I am one of the most talented guys you will EVER see step foot in this ring! And to do that, I have wrestled milk-obsessed maniacs, happy-go-lucky crack addicts, self-imposed outlaws, and even a man who people couldn't get over the fact that his name reminded them of a black and white mammal obsessed with hollowed out sticks! But one man, no matter how much time passed, never stepped up to the plate. Do you know who that man is?
    *The crowd and H are fairly silent at this point, as Des is now standing mere inches away from H*
    Des Pierson: That man is the so-called "Legend" standing right in front of me right now! A title you have earned not from being lathered in each piece of gold that this industry has to offer, because you've only ever held 1 belt.
    *Some boos can be heard from this statement, but it is still quite quiet in the arena*
    Des Pierson: You've earned that distinction due to the fact that you have faced nearly all comers and have put on some of the most hard-fought matches that these people have ever seen. You've poured out your blood, sweat, and tears to these people. All of those reasons have earned you the title of "Legend".... to them.
    *Des points out to the crowd*
    Des Pierson: Fact is though, I don't see you as a legend. Because a legend wouldn't cower away from facing the future, they would face them with open arms, in hopes of showing that they still got it... or in order to pass the torch. But you never have, which is why I chose to attack you. Not just because I needed to get my suspension lifted, but because this was the only way to get the match that I have wanted for years. The attacks, the comments, all to get you to finally step up to the plate. So you want an answer to me facing you? My answer is HELL YES!
    *"Yes!" chants begin to echo through the arena*

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  7. *H smiles.*
    The Amazing H: Thank you... It's funny that you mentioned that I've only ever held one belt. It's also a nice coincidence that you're holding that Iron Man championship right when I'm asking you to fight. You and me both know that you've got to defend that championship in every single match that you fight in, so... Why don't we do this properly? Next week is Warriors Way. Lets do it then, next week championship on the line, Des Pierson vs The Amazing H! What do you say?
    *The audience cheer. Des nods.*
    The Amazing H: A dream match that people have been waiting to see... Also, do you not remember what championship it was that I held? The Hardcore Championship. And not once, but twice. A belt that was so dangerous it was replaced with this Iron Man Championship. There isn't too much difference really, other than the fact that with the Hardcore Championship you could use weapons, and I did. I'm known for getting very, very physical. I put my body on the line and when I do, I win. In an Iron Man match you've got to make your body withstand fifteen minutes of pressure. I can hold that pressure. The real question is, is when you come up against me, can you?
    *The Amazing H rolls out under the bottom rope and grabs a tin from under the ring. He rolls back into the ring.*
    The Amazing H: Before I go, I do have a parting gift...
    *H opens the tin and reveals that it's full of red paint.*
    The Amazing H: Red paint, my second favourite colour. Red... The colour of fire, the colour of blood... The colour, OF YOU!
    *H throws the paint at Des but he quickly moves to the side. The paint splats all over Terra. Des turns back to H and tries to grab him but he rolls back out of the ring.*
  8. *Terra screams in anger as laughter and cheers can be heard from the crowd. Des quickly moves to calm her down, to which Terra just begins sobbing into his shoulder. Des then turns his gaze back to The Amazing H who's standing on the stage, raising his mic back up*
    Des Pierson: Hammett! You're going to-
    *Des lowers the mic, taking a deep breath before raising it back up*
    Des Pierson: Actually..good luck tonight, H.
    *The Amazing H's music plays as the two stand there staring at each other while Terra continues to cry into Des' shoulder. After a few seconds, Patrick begins to speak over at the commentary table, changing the topic to that of the Special Referee Match later tonight*