Seven Superstars Sheamus wants to fight

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  1. Seven Superstars Sheamus wants to fight


    If there’s one thing that World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus has made abundantly clear during his dominant reign as titleholder, it’s that The Great White loves to fight.

    And, knowing Sheamus' affinity for fisticuffs, caught up with the champion himself following his SummerSlam victory over Alberto Del Rio to talk about what other Superstars he’d love to fight in defense of his illustrious title. The Celtic Warrior gave a pretty good indication of his willingness to take on all comers, saying, "As champion, you want to face everybody. You want to know that you’re better than everybody."

    Sheamus then proceeded to rattle off seven names. And, while each Superstar he mentioned is different in style and approach, one thing remained constant — each of the seven would-be challengers are tough-as-nails competitors who would keep most champions up at night, just knowing that they’re out there with an eye on the title.

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