News Several TNA Events To Be Taped In Early 2014 from the UK, Will Genesis Happen Next Year?

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    - TNA will tape events on the following dates during their upcoming UK Tour:

    * January 30 in Glasgow, Scotland will be a "live Impact broadcast"

    * January 31 in Manchester, England will be the British Empire Cup "One Night Only" pay-per-view taping

    * February 1 in London, England will be an Impact Wrestling television taping

    * February 2 in Birmingham, England will be a Joker's Wild 2 "One Night Only" pay-per-view taping

    As noted earlier, TNA will be taping four weeks of television in Orlando, Florida during November. No date has been announced for TNA's annual Genesis pay-per-view which is usually held in January.
  2. Tempted for Manchester @Cloud you in babe?
  3. Hope they managed to squeeze the Pay-Per-View in :sad:
  4. Updated news on Genesis situation:

    Genesis pay-per-view is expected to take place despite it not being listed on the company website. The assumption is that it will be held at Universal Studios.

    Source: Pwmania
  5. Genesis in Un. Studios? It's not an exciting place to hold a PPV, but whatever it takes to stabilize the company financially.
  6. Thought they were at least going to hold the PPVs at different venues. Well, whatever's best for them.
  7. It'll be only Genesis.

    The rest will be on the road.
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