Severe Weather

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. Tonight i'm going to be getting some severe weather and there is a strong possiblity i'll be without power/internet for the foreseeable future(week tops)

    So i'm making a preemptive strike against boredom! Suggest some things for Danielson to do if he loses internet and power for a little bit! [​IMG]

    We have a tonado watch for the next 7 hours. I'm located in the Yellow box inbetween the two reds in Ohio. I've never been invovled in a tornado or even seen one but at the least we are expecting damaging winds and hail.

    One thing I couldn't do is play xbox one. Zing
  2. Download so much porn, and burn them to disks.
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  3. Lol not a bad idea. I'll most likely have power before internet so that'll work beautifully.
  4. Hopefully we get some storm here. I'm in the mood for one.
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  5. Aren't you sort of by Buffalo? You guys are in line for some if you are.
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  6. :yes: It was mad hot here during the afternoon. It's cooled down a bit though.
  7. You guys will probably get clipped. What is the temp like up there?
  8. 21°C
    There is going to be a thunderstorm.
  9. Damn that's chilly here
  10. Perhaps get some good books to read and rent some movies. Stay safe!
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  11. Download porn, buy a Xbox 360(because Xbox One is online), buy a buffalo, buy poker cards, buy a shitload of beer, stack up on Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson DVDs, charge up all your electronics, sleep, and fap.
  12. I have everything you mentioned.
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  13. We had a severe tornado warning here exactly a decade ago in June of 2003. None of us ended up dead or injured or had our house tore to shit, but it left a hell of a mess otherwise. Limbs and stuff scattered all across people's yards, the roads flooded for a short while because of the amount of rain we got, the power was out for pretty much a week (right at the start of hot ass summer, couldn't have been a worst time for that to happen), etc. There was also a couple of other scary things that went on as well - the weather man's voice over the phone sounded exceptionally creepy when I was calling him over the severity of the warning, almost as if he was mocking all of us for the fact that a tornado was headed our way. (The bad weather and the rain outside must have made the voice on the other end sound different for some reason.) The other thing was listening to the radio and hearing this guy call in and say he could visually see a tornado forming in the distant with his own eyes and then gave his street address, which made my mother gasp because of him being only about five miles from where we lived.
  14. Wait, thought you were on fiber? Your internet shouldn't drop on a fiber connection if the phone lines go down.

    Stay safe though :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. The people on the news yelled at me and told me to go in the basement the other day so i was freaking out. There was a funnel loud forming over Cleveland. I hate tornadoes.

  16. Loud funnels?

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  17. [​IMG] rain stupid rain :why::why::why:
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  18. :facepalm: Just recently got it, and you know that. I didn't say the phone lines would go down and my internet would shut off either. I'm assuming that if a tornado hit it would break the fiber optic lines below the ground ya know, cuz the tornado and stuff. I am safe, but mostly my post was a direct shot at xbox. They took 359 steps backwards.

  19. Was about 2 month ago wasn't it :shock:

    Thankfully we very rarely get Tornado's in the UK so I'm safe from being without Internet :lol:

    Sorry, the XBOne joke sailed over my head :haha:
  20. Lol'd so much at this.

    >Horrific storms and hurricanes happening in some places in America
    >Britain still complain about the rain we get

    lmfao <3
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