Lovable Kind of Filthy
Really, reality shows? Really?? Like we didn't have enough of you already.

Just as you were starting to lose track of all the women Chris has sucked face with on "The Bachelor," WE tv released a trailer for a new reality show that WILL command our attention: it's called “Sex Box.” As you may have intuited, nine lucky couples on the road to stardom will indeed have sex in a (camera-free, soundproof) box and then talk about it afterwards. (I guess America is not quite ready to see real couples go at it on network television – but there’s always season two.)

Before each couple enters the Sex Box, they will meet with a panel of “sexperts” including Dr. Fran, a “leading Beverly Hills relationship psychotherapist who treats celebrity couples” according to WE tv. According to WE tv, "Sex Box" is filmed live before a studio audience. It appears all episodes have already been filmed, so the ship to participate in that small part of history has sailed.

"Sex Box" is adapted from a UK show of the same name, a fact we should all remember for our next argument about how UK entertainment is more sophisticated.

Watch the trailer below — and set your TiVos for February 27th at 10p.m. EST

I can just imagine the weirdos they had in the live audience. :haha:

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