Forum Game Sex, Marry or Kill?

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  1. I'm going to list three people and you tell me which one you'd like to just have sex with, which one you'd marry and which one you'd kill.. then the person who responds gets to have the same question with 3 other people..

    So first person up here are your 3 people..

    Sylvester Stallone, Hellen Keller and Justin Bieber

  2. Fuck Biebs
    Marry Stallone for the money
    kill Hellen Keller because she's already dead

    Betty White, Chyna and Linda McMahon
  3. Sex? I don't think it's called that way.
  4. Oh I know, it's Fuck, Kill, Marry but I didn't want to put Fuck in a thread title, too vulgar for my taste :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Lol tough one, I like it..

    Fuck Chyna, Marry Betty (money purposes) and Kill Linda I suppose?
    I guess I'd marry Linda if she divorced Vince and took all of his assets..

    Mark Henry, Michelle Obama ,Wesley Snipes
  5. Fuck Henry
    Marry Obama (Powah)
    Kill Snipes

    Mike Tyson, Putin and Jimmy Carter
  6. This is a trick question since you can't kill or fuck Mike Tyson, he fucks you. So Tyson is marriage by default.

    Fuck Putin and kill Jimmy Carter. This is awkward.

    Hideo Kojima, Chris Cornell and Bill Clinton
  7. Fuck Hideo, kill bill, marry chris.
  8. Bill Clinton fucks you, it's automatically a fuck.

    Hideo Kojima can get my hand in marriage and Chris Cornell can fuck off.

    Kota Ibushi, Chris Angel and Bob Barker
  9. Fuck Ibushi
    Mary Bob Barker
    Kill Chris Angel

    Kanye West, Tom Hanks, and Dane Cook
  10. Fuck Dane Cook
    Marry Tom Hanks
    Kill Kanye West

    Missy Hyatt, Rosanne Barr, Jay-Z
  11. Fuck Missy Hyatt
    Marry Jay-Z
    Kill Rosanne Barr

    Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams
  12. Fuck Kevin Hart
    Marry Chris Rock
    Kill Katt Williams

    John Oliver, Stephen Colbert and Daniel Tosh.
  13. Screw John Oliver
    Marry Stephen Colbert
    Kill Daniel Tosh

    Vince Vaughn, Miley Cyrus, and Lindsay Lohan
  14. Fuck Vince Vaughn
    Marry Miley Cyrus (So I can divorce in 3 months and take her loot)
    Kill Lohan

    The Undertaker, Jim Cornette and Amanda Bynes
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