Sexuality & Hormones

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. There have been studies done on it, and for some reason it makes sense to me...
    I believe your hormones determine your sexual preference.

    I read quite a few articles on hormonal imbalances. In imbalances, typically men produce too much estrogen & women produce too much testosterone. (although some women produce too much estrogen & not enough testosterone) So, if a hormonal imbalance is present in a mother who is pregnant, her body will be feeding the baby more testosterone then estrogen or more (too much) estrogen then testosterone. This leads me to believe that hormonal imbalances can effect unborn babies, who when are later born & hit puberty, will be effected by these hormonal disruptions. Getting to the point, I believe you are born gay or straight based on the hormones you have received within the womb as a fetus. There is no sure fire proof of this, but it makes the most sense to me.I can get into the conspiracy aspect of this, but I know most of you on the forum don't want me getting into that... You know, GMO's, Plastics, Population Control, Chem-Trails... Blah blah. lol

    What do you guys think?
  2. conspiracies about gay babies? Oh brother...
  3. Knowing it was about some sexually related thing I thought it would be the typical thing.

    Must say this is the most in depth science, brain related thread I have EVER read here haha.

    I am not sure, sounds like a good excuse reason though.
  4. HEY! I said I am not getting into that crap.
    There have been studies done, scientific ones, that have some insight to the effects of hormones on a fetus. It makes sense to me, I am just asking what people think about hormones being a link to sexual preferences later in life.
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  5. :harvey:
    Oh come on now!
  6. Then how do you explain this scenario. Mother with horomonal imbalance, has twin boys, one turns out gay, the other straight. Wouldn't both be affected by the hormonal imbalance the same way?
  7. :damn:
  8. Not necessarily. One fetus may be taking in most of one hormone while the other is taking most of the other hormone. Like twin boys for example, one fetus may be receiving higher levels of testosterone while the other is receiving higher levels of estrogen.
  9. I'm not saying that hormones isn't a likely factor in sexual preferance. It's been a highly considered factor for years within the scientific community but there is still a lot of doubt and foggyness around it. For example multiple breeds of animals mate with the opposite sex to reproduce yet partake in homo-loving for the sake of enjoyment, apes, dolphins, penguins and pigs among them. Apes are up to 95% the same as us gentically and Dolphins posses near human intellect. So whilst the hormone theory holds some weight there are still some lupeholes that need to be plugged, like why we wouldn't just all be bisexual.
  10. "Girls with congenital adrenal hyperplasia, for example, are exposed to high levels of adrenal androgens [hormones] prenatally. Some research indicates that postnatally they show greater aggression, enhance (i.e. masculine) visuospatial abilities, more masculine occupational preferences, and an increased rate of bisexual or homosexual sexual orientation in fantasy and/or behavior."

    "The latest research, presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference in Madrid on Monday, came from a clinic which is one of only two in the UK to offer fertility treatment to lesbian women.
    Doctors there noticed a 'staggering' number of lesbian women, who, on investigation, were found to be suffering either from polycystic ovary syndrome, or a less serious but related condition in which their ovaries showed many of the same features, but without the external symptoms.
    The researchers found that prevalence of this symptomless condition was 80% in the lesbian women they saw, compared with just 32% of their heterosexual patients.
    Full-blown polycystic ovarian syndrome was present in 38% of lesbians, and 14% of the heterosexual women.
    Lead researcher Dr Rina Agrawal said that the results suggested 'significantly greater' rates of hormone imbalance in the lesbian women.
    She said that while there was no evidence that polycystic ovaries could be implicated as a cause of lesbianism, it was possible that this hormone imbalance could be linked to both the medical condition and sexuality.
    She said: 'We do hypothesize that hyperandrogenism, which is associated with polycystic ovary syndrome, may be one of the factors contributing to the sexual orientation of women.'"

    Two things I read pertaining to women/girls.
  11. You can't use animal behavior to justify human behavior. Animals also eat their offspring, kill each other, have sex with their offspring, and so on. So by that logic, since they have sex with their children, it is okay for humans as well. I am not trying to argue, just saying that those ideas are also on shakey grounds.
  12. Just making excuses IMO. There's been plenty of people who have been 100% straight or gay and then one day poof, they've changed.
  13. Making excuses for what? I am not sure what you mean??
  14. I think this could be the answer in some cases. However, in the long run, I don't think it matters a whole lot. Outside of sexual attraction possibly being something we can't biologically control, it's still someone's choice to love and be with whomever they choose. At this point in society, I think acceptance and love is important to give to those that are homosexual.
  15. lol dirtsheets.
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  16. By saying that one may take more estro and one more testosterogen. Sounds like an "easy way out" for me.
  17. Hate to poke holes in your theory, but's not much of a theory, lol. Hormones can certainly influence one's orientation, but so can alcohol and a BFF with nice boobs. In the end, it comes down to a variety of factors, biological and environmental. Besides, not all gay people are born that way, some are entirely latent.
  18. This is how sexuality works:
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    :jbl: Hi I'm Jim. I am normal American. I pay my bills, I'm straight, I don't like dem immigrants comin' to my country, and I loveeeeee paying taxes.
    :russo: Hmmm time for a swerve!
    :jbl: No what's happening!
    :russo: Swerve time!
    :robbie: Hi Im gay.
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    I am 50% sure this is the reason
  19. They aren't really on shakey ground. A lot of human nature is founded in instinct, the same thing that drives the animal kingdom. What separates us from animals is the level of cognitive thinking that we as a species have developed. Most animals that eat their offspring are non monogamous species. Humans are monogamous. Most animals that breed with their young are forced to because of inbreeding. Plus in the animal kingdom sex is a way to establish dominance.

    Humans still showcase all these traits but in different forms. When humans want to establish dominance they do it in general by way of speech, dress or material worth, there are still humans who establish dominance via sex, since we are monogamous we don't eat our young plus we as a society have come to the conclusion to not eat of our own kind.

    Sexual nature is in so many ways bound to instinct, latent or prominent. It is not something that can be changed since it is part of that persons nature. Those who say they have are either unknowingly bisexual or just fooling themselves.
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  20. This is pretty much the most intelligent paragraph in the thread.
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