Rumor Sexy Star Takes Out Rosemary...For Real?!

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Grievous II, Aug 27, 2017.

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  1. So...I would have given this a AAA prefix...but there isn't one...

    Did I post this in the right section?

    Rosemary reportedly injured at AAA Triplemanía

    This is pretty dark...and kind of upsetting for me as its my
    2 favorite non-WWE female performers involved...and I
    don't know much about Sexy Star...but I thought she'd be
    better than this.

    I hope Rosemary recovers soon and either wins back the
    Knockouts title or signs with the WWE.

    Sexy Star on the other hand...may-be she should take up
    boxing full time.

    Ugh...this sucks...
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  2. Sounds like Sexy Star seems to have a soured reputution as a person. That's a shame.

    Definitely sad to hear about Rosemary, apparently according to one of the comments, an update said its not too serious and she wont lose too much ringtime.
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    Its a real shame...

    I'm such a big fan of both women...and it turns out one
    is turning into a b*tch while the other has been injured.

    I mean I'm all for "shoot fighting" as long as both parties
    agree to it...and nobody gets a seriously injured.

    I'm glad Rosemary won't be out for too long...but the
    injury should have never happened in the first place.
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  4. Sexy Star is a ****.
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  5. From what I heard Sexy Star is a massive Diva backstage with Hogan amounts of backstage politicking. The number one rule for every wrestler no matter how good or bad they are is protect their opponent, the fact that Sexy Star broke that rule on purpose means she'll most likely get blacklisted everywhere she goes. If you check any indy wrestler's Twitter they'll pretty much all claim that what Sexy Star did was completely unprofessional and selfish.
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    Perhaps its better she goes back to boxing...and I can't believe I just typed that...

    Latest on Rosemary’s injury, wrestlers react to report ‘shooting’ caused it

    Rosemary suffers injury at AAA’s TripleMania XXV - Diva Dirt

    The secnd link includes footage of the incident...and wow...
    I don't think I care for Sexy Star anymore...and I can't believe I also typed that as well.

    Heal quickly Dear Rosemary...the Hive is with you...
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  7. Just come on, we can all admit that most of us here are not professional wrestlers, but we know a general idea is to keep people safe. Sexy Star for doing that is completely in the wrong and is inexcusable. Rosemary I've become a fan of since her days in Decay (and seeing her stuff as Courtney Rush adds to it) and I wish her a speedy recovery.
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  8. I agree with Cody...
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  9. Frankly...Sexy Star should piss off back to boxing and stay there...

    I can't believe how my opinion of someone can change so quickly...
    but lets be honest...what Sexy did was a vile and heinous act.

    Blacklist the b*tch!
  10. Admittedly I don't know much (if anything) about sexy star and I know a little about rosemary. From what I've seen all i can say is that hopefully she never steps foot in the ring again as wrestling doesn't need people like that around.

    I know you should always protect your opponent but when there's heat between 2 performers the most you would expect is some stiff shots, etc not purposely going out your way to hurt someone & expect to get away with it.
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  12. I see that Sexy star has made a statement in relation to the incident.

    I say statement its more a bunch of words that doesn't make sense. Can't tell if shes claiming she doesnt know what she did, is depressed or had some sort of mental fit or something

    regardless she's dangerous in the ring and not in a good way to book someone.
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    Yeah...I saw like three versions of the translation...and I have two things to say...


    Sorry if that sounds racist...but I only speak English and if that makes me a racist...
    then I'm a racist.


    2). I'm not accepting any excuses. What she did was wrong on every possible level.

    I'm done with Sexy Star.
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  14. Absolutely no excuse, thats like me coming into my job, messing up my work and then telling my boss a lot of jibberish to look like i'm pleading insanity
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  15. I read in a recent issue of PWI Star was in an abusive relationship with an ex so she supposedly
    fights men because she sees this as empowerment and fighting her abuser. now she has a brainfart
    thinking she's in the UFC and breaks Rosemary's arm. I would say sign her as a heel and have
    the other girls go at her for real with Rosemary getting first dibs.
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  16. Yeah...and hopefully Rosemary will have a bag of thumb tacks handy...
    and a steel chair...and a kendo stick...and a dumpster full of rotten garbage
    that she can throw Sexy Star into when she's done with her.
  17. Oh it doesn't make you racist... just xenophobic (teasing).

    On a serious note, blacklisting her will hardly be effective. One thing about pro wrestling is that if a wrestler is getting a lot of heat from promotions, some promotion will decide to capitalize on it and give her a job. They like to capitalize on news stories.
  18. Okay...I'm not sure how to react to that...I'm just going to move on...

    Well...that will always happen in any form of media...

    Controversy = Coverage...

    Me personally...I'm done with her.