Shades of a brand split?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nobody, Feb 24, 2016.

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  1. So now that we passed the rule for time - SHANE O FUCKING MAC IS BACK! and looking to take over Monday Night RAW. They spent a good amount of time claiming that RAW = the entire business, but it makes me think otherwise. Could this be the time to split RAW and Smackdown "amicably?" between the McMahon family before culminating at SS or WM?

    I'm not sure if I'm the only one, or this is crazy, but I do see Taker losing at WM (Thus giving a way to make the crowd pop regardless) to whoever Shane determines to be the next big thing, with HHH heading to smackdown to feud with Reigns. I know, we still see all those people on RAW, but wouldnt it be interesting to see Vince claim Smackdown as HIS (or the authorities) own show while Shane runs RAW after WM?

    I mean ffs, a girl can dream right? Here comes the money >>>>>>>>>>> Time to play the game + 25 minute promo with too many pauses. No way Shane goes heel, anyone else juiced for RAW next week to see Taker?

    Obligatory "discuss" ending.
  2. Not juiced for Raw, but now that you mentioned it, it does sound like this "Shane gets control of Raw" thing is a kayfabe reason for a brand split. That'd be fine, I guess, although with 3 hour RawsI think they'd need a lot of call ups to fill up time on every show.
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  3. I'd expect more callups for the Smackdown side, with most of RAW staying the same. People are going to choose Shane regardless of if they are heel or face, so I expect most of the NXT people to go to smackdown with both sides having players on both nights. New Day, KO, and plenty others will bail on picking a side.
  4. I've thought about this but the only probably with a brand split is WWE doesn't have enough big name talent to divide the brands up. They repeat matches so often. It seems like everyone has feuded with each other at some point and worn it out, with a few exceptions obviously. Unless they bring up pretty much the majority of the NXT roster to the main roster I don't see what good it will be to divide the roster. I could maybe see Shane being on Monday Night Raw and Steph being on Smackdown without a brand split. They could still host the show and make the matches.
  5. lol what? Half their roster is injured and coming back before SS.
  6. There's only 4 main players injured and that's Cena, Rollins, Orton, and Cesaro. Thats definitely not half the roster lol
  7. it's over half their star power, and you forgot Kidd and a few others who are fan favorites. The WWE roster is packed, you are full of it if you think those 4 names don't make for huge pops. They are well overstaffed as it is. underused =/= weak staffed.
  8. Nobody gives a damn about Tyson Kidd. People will be excited to see him for a week and then no one will give a shit. I doubt he even comes back actually. And who else is there? Sting? Cuz he is most certainly retiring so he doesn't count. He may have 1 more in him but I doubt it. And the roster is jam packed, but it's with 80% of absolutely worthless nobody's.
  9. You are such a weak mark. The 80% are underused, and could make for two great shows. Let's be serious for a second, do you watch Smackdown? Does ANYONE? I read the useless spoilers, and it means jack shit unless it's the go home show. This gives WWE a chance to have two relevant shows and keep feuds in order. I'm not suggesting belts or ppv's are split, but for the most part it gives two huge presences for WWE on each night. They split the people who spend more time on shows based on feuds and presence.
  10. Ok we'll see how exciting a 3 hour Raw is with half of the wrestlers on it. For fuck sake, they already make some of the guys pull double duty some nights. I'm all for having 2 different shows, but like I said they are going to have to bring up at least half of NXT to do it.
  11. I wouldn't have anything against a brand split. Now, if they could turn RAW back to 2 hours, that'd be swell, as well.
  12. Again, it wouldn't be a belt split. The roster splitting would be for players like new day/social outcasts/dudleys etc to get them more time on tv.
  13. All 3 of those teams get time on TV almost every week
  14. 3 hours + a brand split wont work. They need to cut it back down to 2 hours (they can give the people who go an extra 30 before and after the show) and cut the prices of tickets back down again. I think this 3 hour crap is initially what started to ruin Raw. I loved the 3 hours specials because they meant something now this crap has gone on too long. We have 3 main shows to watch plus PPVs plus the network... Raw should not be 3 hours. Should be 2 like Smackdown.
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  15. Do you not understand the term "more?" We can just agree to disagree, I am tired of responding to your same shit arguments.
  16. Well New Day segments are already pretty long, don't see why it should go longer. And more time to Dudleyz and Social Outcast? Yeah that will realllllly draw the viewers in every week. Your argument is shit.
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  17. We don't need more group air time, if anything we need less. We need more singles stuff going on. It'd be one thing if the tag and stable area meant something but it honestly means very little. It is only slightly above the Divas in my book.
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  18. Exactly. The tag team division is so bad right, New Day didnt even habe a match at Fastlane because its so weak. Now if you brought 3 or 4 tag teams up from NXT you would have a hell of a division.
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  19. They have one team running the whole thing and quite frankly, they suck. They got boring fast and I don't care what anyone says... Their "rainbows and unicorns" gimmick sucks.

    They have the LON which is made up of wrestlers who they clearly had nothing else to do with so they threw them together "for now". I mean Wade is leaving and ADR was fighting for a title. Makes no sense. That other team... SO is a joke. No one even cares about them and how they get matches is beyond me. They need to have solid teams like they used to or it will continue to mean nothing. Heck, get some new tag belts while you're at it.
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  20. Oh and then you have the Usos and the Dudleys. A team that no ones cares about and a washed up older team that only appeals to older fans. Thanks WWE :bodallas:
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