Shadow of the Eternals (Need your help)

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  1. Shadow of the Eternals is a new game that is been created for the PC and the Wii U first and foremost, however there is a chance for further releases when able.

    WE NEED YOUR HELP THOUGH... we need some money to be donated to our Kickstarter project to ensure that the game can be made.

    See the trailer of the new hit game here;

    Shadow of the Eternals is the spiritual successor of Eternal Darkness a hit game made for the GameCube which won a lot of awards, the same developers are working on this game. See the awards:

    In 2003, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem won the "Outstanding Achievement in Character or Story Development" award at the 6th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards. The game was nominated for "Console Game of the Year," "Innovation in Console Gaming," and "Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction." At its Best and Worst of 2002, GameSpot awarded Eternal Darkness "Best Sound on GameCube", "Best Story on GameCube", and "Best Graphics (Artistic) on GameCube"; the game was also nominated for "Best Music on GameCube", "Best Action Adventure Game on GameCube", and "Game of the Year on GameCube". Additionally, the game won the honorary "Day of the Tentacle (Cthulhu) Award" at GameSpy's Game of the Year Awards.

    In 2006, Nintendo Power ranked Eternal Darkness as the 101st top game on Nintendo systems, while the readers of IGN had it voted as the 96th best video game of all time on all systems; in 2009, Official Nintendo Magazine had it listed as the 48th best Nintendo game. The game was ranked as the seventh best game for the GameCube by X-Play in 2006, as the fifth best GameCube game by IGN in 2007, as the tenth best GameCube game by ScrewAttack that same year, and placed fourth on the list of top GameCube games in the January 2009 issue of Game Informer.
    Both X-Play and Game Informer in 2007 in 2006 ranked it as the fifth scariest game of all time. In other lists, ScrewAttack ranked the fake "Corrupt Data" as the ninth top "OMGWTF" moment in gaming in 2008, and Alex Roivas was ranked as the 40th greatest heroine in video game history by Complex in 2013. Many retrospective articles demanded a follow-up game. IGN included Eternal Darkness on their 2008 list of "horror franchises that should rise from the grave", GamesRadar included Eternal Darkness among the games "with untapped franchise potential" in 2009, and UGO too included it on a similar list of games "that need sequels" in 2010.

    So, why such a great thing for me to be posting about? They need money to make this thing happen... it is so great to see a follow up and the press have loved this news also with coverage from many different sites. I am a moderator for their community as of of their core goals is to listen to the community to shape the game. Please check out the game and make some donations if you can and join in the discussion on the forums. Make sure to keep up to date with the news also.
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