Shane Douglas 1994 ECW Promo

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Harley Quinn, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. The promo Shane Douglas does when he wins the NWA World Championship. What do you guys think of it? I think it's pretty badass.

  2. I have to remember to watch it later. It's when they broke out of NWA and created ECW right? Because the content for it is already awesome just by knowing that.
  3. I wanted to surprise people who didn't know :sad: but yes :tough:
  4. A decent promo but it's more about the actual action, rather than the promo it's self. Take away Douglas throwing down the belt and it's nowhere near iconic IMO.
  5. is alright :dawg:
  6. That's the point :sad: him throwing down the belt makes it epic and surprising.
  7. Shane has always been a good promo man, and he's one of the few remaining TRUE MEN of pro graps.
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