Shane Douglas was at Raw?

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  1. Apparently he is hosting an ECW Reunion on April 28th and he was trying to start an ECW chant at Raw last Monday. He was attempting to get on camera from the left audience POV. I didn't see him, but he got escorted out of the building along with followers of his even though he had a ticket. It's gonna be in Philly, too.

    Oh! And guess what? NEW JACK WILL BE THERE! Listen to what dis muthafucka has to say about it:

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  2. Is it just me who likes New Jack's promo style? He's got passion and aggression which most new guys lack. Can't give a fuck to another ECW reunion though.
  3. No doubt, he's very good at promos. He's one of those guys who knows the business inside and out. The only part I don't like about him is that he has a short fuse and won't hesitate to be unprofessional if you piss him off.
  4. I did hear him or see him! Does anyone have a video on raw of seeing him?
  5. Despite being a huge ECW fan another reuninon is not needed it's just going to tarnish the memory of the great company!

    Plus not the biggest fan of New Jack so really hope this don't happen.
  6. [yt][/yt]

    Apparently it's the guy with the Lucha mask and white shirt.
  7. He tried to start an ECW chant apparently but failed. Then he was again, apparently, chucked out or he walked out. One of them.
  8. You do briefly see a few ppl pointing at him and it does look like he shouts something and starts clapping. Then it doesn't look like he was thrown out he appears to leave whether this was cause he was asked too so he just left politely who knows. Getting him some publicity though so the stunt I suppose has payed off.
  9. Only publicity he's actually got is from the IWC unfortunately, lol.
  10. Yeah true then again they're the sort of ppl that would attend yet another reunion show just in case it was good or in case it was a complete car crash.
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