Shane McMahon joins twitter

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. And tweets his first tweet like a champion.


    Viva la Shane.
  2. He looks almost as old as Vince. :vince:
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  3. He looks like old old old man.
  4. Like the way he still has black hair in his profile picture.
  5. Good for him.
  6. God I wish he came back so much.
  7. so LEO is the only one without a twitter account :hmm:
  8. Shane joins Twitter right after Vince and Steph :hmm: could his return be the big announcement?
  9. For what? SmackDown? :pity:
  10. To take on Brock after HHH loses :otunga:
  11. Probably, yeah.
  12. Holy shit I know you're trolling but how epic would that be? Shane getting hardcore on Bork would be a winner.
  13. Joking aside, yes, I'd mark like Gohan would if he received a Punk pearl necklace.
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  14. Shane looks like a million bucks. I hope to look as good when I'm 45 years old.
  15. I remember him fighting in Survivor Series in the WCW vs WWE match and I see him now... He looks a lot older, it's like if for him the last 10 years or so were like 20 or 30...

    And I think all the McMahon known family is now on twitter except the kids...
  16. His hair is gray. Besides that he looks amazing. And I'm not even here to bash the gray. He rocks it well.
  17. I remember Shane and Kurt goin at it cant remember which PPV but remember them fighting through a glass panel.
  18. KOTR 2000 I think, possibly 01.
  19. Yeah sounds like the right time. Shane O Mac had some stones the bumps and stunts he used to take guy is/was a legend got fond memories of his matches and time in WWE.

  20. Did anyone take bigger bumps?
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