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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jul 13, 2013.

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  1. So he is still with YOU on demand, just not as the CEO. Worth noting for whoever is interested in the McMahon storyline and a possible Shane cameo.

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  2. I'd mark so hard for a Shane return.

    I'll totes watching WWE when this happens!
  4. This definitely increases the likelihood that Shane could make an appearance during the McMahon storyline. I think it would be great if he would contribute somehow.
  5. Damn! This could be great
  6. A return of Shane O Mac would indeed be mark worthy
  7. OH DEAR GOD. Here comes the money!!
  8. I'll totally fangirl like there's no tomorrow oh god even the thought of it makes me jiddy! :woo:

  9. MONEY!, MONEY!, MONEY!, MONEY!, MONEY!, Dollar, Dollar!.

    I'd find it interesting if he came back for the storyline, not sure what he could do but I'd like to see him one more time.
  10. WWE All Stars Money in the Bank Ladder Match:

    *RVD's music fades out*

    Cole: And now we're waiting for the final mystery competitor.

    "Here comes the moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

    Cue shitstorm.
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  11. I would mark like there was no tomorrow.
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  12. GOD this made me so excited
  13. I was just looking through old Shane matches and ref appearances the other day.. this would be HUGE!
  14. I will die a thousand deaths if Shane shows up.

    Plz, WWE.
  15. WWE, please bring Shane back to support Vince. That'll be awesome imo.
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