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    They are added to states: Shane & Stephanie take over

    Shane's profile
    Stephanie's profile
  2. Probably just a random addition, but nice to know.
  3. Stephanie is so sexy....
  4. Shane > Steph

    wait, what?
  5. :true:


  6. Everyone and their mother's profile is getting posted. :facepalm1:
  7. Those two actually have reason though. They are both Vince children, Stephanie was womens champ and Shane is one of the biggest daredevils WWE has had.
  8. How is this possible??? yeah Stephanie is still in the company but Shane has left the company for a new job to do his own thing so it doesnt make sense to add him like hes still there
  9. Warrior isn't there, Rob van Dam isn't there, but they are both on the Alumni page. Just like Shane & Steph, because they worked in WWE.
  10. Shane is a very influential and big figure from WWE's past, oh, and he's Vince's son...

    I hope to see him soon. PLEASE take over WWE SHANE!!!
  11. Shane taking over WWE would be the best. He seems to have a better view of what the fans want then Triple H and Steph during his time there.
  12. I'd like to see Shane involved with WWE once again.
  13. They each have wonderful qualities to bring, if they are open-minded enough. Somehow I think Hunter is the stingy one and Steph is a of a ditz
  14. Steph is cancer to the business in my opinion. She - the head of creative - is a large part of why the product is currently sucking. I am known for hating on HHH but I honestly think his wrestling knowledge is quite high and knows how to make a star. But he is the egotistical type - like Vince - to push who HE wants and not who WE want. Whether that's good or bad is a debate for another thread.

    Shane is the diamond in the pack though, He has a great mellow business mind. He's smart, ruthless like Vince, but isn't batshit crazy. We need him!
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  15. Steph was one of the first to take a shine to John and even Paul Heyman (sp) had decent things to say of her. I don't know much about Paul but in Chicago he's some sort of genius and in Philly, you should watch your tongue.

    Steph walks like she's big stuff, but I think she's a sweetheart underneath.
  16. I have nothing against Steph the person - I have something against Steph the creative writer who is currently the head of the team who is producing these poor diabolical shows. Paul Heyman isn't a Chicago genius - he's a genius, period. Outside of finance ofc.

    Paul on his own would produce a 100X better aired product than the team of writers there is now.
  17. I enjoy that WWE is developing indy talent now. There are so many great shows that I see on the Indy circuit that I think the WWE audience would enjoy. Shane seems to be more receptive to doing something totally new and spicy, while Hunter is more grounded in tradition. It would be a pleasant mix if Shane agreed to it
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