WrestleMania Shane wanted to be riskier...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Apr 8, 2016.

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  1. According to Cageside Seats, Shane wanted to fall off of the titantron at WrestleMania. The company even practiced the idea with Shane to see if could be done. They of course ended up going with the Hell in a Cell spot instead, but either way the guy was going to take a major bump that would have impressed everyone.

    Interestingly enough, the cell is higher than it used to be. This only made Shane’s spot that much more impressive, as even Foley did not take that high of a bump, and that man is a walking example of hardcore. There were reports that WWE was practicing a big move for Shane to do at the event, and most thought that the HIAC spot was it. However, there were other plans originally.

    This dude is nuts. :shane:
  2. Shane is stupid. I have no respect for somebody like that.
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  3. @Solidus, ban this boy.
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  4. The Cell was perfect. He's done titantron dives. Foley and Rikishi have been thrown off the Cell, but no one has attempted an offensive dive before.
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  5. Dude's out of his damn mind. Thank you Shane!
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  6. lol go fuck yourself
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  7. That would've been insane. Gotta give respect to Shane-O Mac!
  8. :damn: This guy belongs in Gotham, he's crazier than the Joker-who-is-not-actually-the-Joker-but-is-the-Joker-I-don't-know. :rollins:
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  9. your stupid :pipebomb:
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  10. shittiest user on the internet. leave.
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  11. I like this troll lol
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  12. Boyyyyyyy if you don't.....
  13. You're*

    Learn to spell before you call somebody stupid... How embarrassing.
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  14. Learn to understand jokes before you try to fix grammar. lol.
  15. I see where he's getting at. He just has a very 'extreme' way of putting things for shock value.

    Kevin Nash put it best, "I don't care if one person watches this match as long as I get my money."

    I'll take working the fans and getting paid over jeopardizing my health for sake of entertaining fickle fans.

    Give me Hogan hulking up over Lesnar's SSP at Mania 19. Even Lesnar's understands this now.
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