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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lavender, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. A tribute to our Past and Present Pets
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  2. 20170824_165710.jpg
    He's taller than the bathroom counter
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  3. You have a sheep?
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  4. Reag.. Does that really look like a sheep to u? I get ppl telling me he looks Like a Sheep cause of his wavy coat. Someone else thought he was a small pony of some kind. He is a RUSSIAN WOLF HOUND AKA BORZOI
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  5. I had one person pull into my driveway one time asking if he was a Borzoi. I was surprised the lady got it right.. :emoji_grin:
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  6. * They run up to 45mph.
    * Were used to hunt wolves A Very long time ago.
    * Never bark.
    * Always quiet.
    * Used for lure coursing (Look up lure coursing)
    * Not the best for Guarding.
    * Very Sweet and Docile and Loyal.
    * Mine is a great Mouser. Lol
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  7. I love big dogs but I prefer ones that look like wolves, like these guys:

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  8. Well, Whenever I get Malachi fluffed up, He tends to have a wolfish look about him. Hence the name WOLF Hound
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  9. The name isn't a reference to looking like a wolf, it is because they were bred to actually hunt wolves.
    I know a lot about breeds. :cat:
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  10. It is hard to imagine that this dog was bred to kill wolves though. They look so nice and gentle compared to other breeds. lol
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  11. 20170825_204158.jpg
    Furry Back Feet.
    Furry front feet
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  12. 20170825_205529.jpg
    Trimmed back feet. NON Furry. :emoji_slight_smile: 20170825_203429.jpg
    Trimmed front Feet. Non furry.:emoji_wink:
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  13. 20170825_151702.jpg during tubby time
    20170825_151848.jpg After tubby time
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