Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nickelodeon, Nov 28, 2013.

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  1. Wow... True class right there.

    Honestly, this just shows the disgust young women carry in America. It is sick. Acting like men. Makes me want to puke. I can't stand when women act like trashy men. It is disgusting. And all over what? He "possibly" trying to sleep with "her man"? Wasn't quite sure what she was saying but she looks like a 14 year old who shouldn't even be having sex in the first place. I am not saying this to sound racist, but black gals wonder why black men are starting to prefer lighter colored women. This is a prime example. I have witnessed it growing up and first hand against me. So sick.
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  2. #RacistBritta
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  3. :pity:
  4. Okay, for reals doe. Do black girls really wonder why black men prefer light skin women? Unless you're a black male, I can't agree with that statement.
  5. white girls are the go-all-night type girls
    black girls are the shoot-you-in-the-back type girls
    mocha girls are the help-you-toke type girls
    let you poke 'er till she hopin' for a cigarette,
    but she not ghetto enough to be chokin' on a nigga yet.

    dunno if that's accurate but it sounded funny writing it so yolo
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  6. Jesus, what are you 50 year old. Go preach somewhere else.

    Skin colour has nothing to do with it, I've seen worse things by white girls. "I'm not trying to be racist.... *insert racist comment*" doesn't make it any better.
  7. This is a regional opinion. Brit probably experiences more of that type of behaviour from black girls because they're more active around her area. Just like you'd see it differently because you live in a different environment.

    Pretty much every debate about race will be filled with unverified biased opinions based on the person's environment unless everyone just starts blurting out statistics and then it just becomes a cluster-fuck of who-gives-a-shit with people checking up everyone's citations and pointing out flaws. Eventually someone will bring up hitler and the post dies.

    Every now and then new users will reply to the thread giving their opinion, bringing it all back up again until eventually it's closed and everyone is banned and then I can start posting funny pictures of human bodies with cat heads on them and we'll look back at this moment and laugh. We being me because you'll all be banned.
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  8. Another random jonarant at Britanica. Your love for her is weird bro.
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  9. So its a love/hate relationship?
    Or does one of the two not know how to express there feelings proper?
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  10. Jono thinks insulting women is how you chat them up.
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  11. so ghetto
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  12. fwoah i'd stuff her pie and fill it
    #jonosuave #shatuplines
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  13. Teach me how to girls master coon?
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  14. Stealing my gimmick eh? Lousy Canadians!
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  15. Sharkeshia is a pretty badass name tbf.
  16. Saw this yesterday, amusing to say the least.
  17. Typical black chick. :jericho:
  18. Geez she suckered punch that girl out of no where, at least be Women enough to at least fight, then you kick her when she's down over a guy.I bet the guy looks like Godzilla, and probably has two or three girls on the side not including Sharkeshia.When I see videos like this, it makes me one, people just standing there, and two that this little girl, because she is not a Woman in my eyes, she must of not been raised the right way.I knew plenty of girls like Sharkeshia, in my life and I'm able to weed out the girls with no class.
  19. Where I live... 95% of the black girls/women are very ghetto and very nasty. They start crap over nothing and pick on white girls/women. I have had black female friends before but they were NEVER the ghetto kind. No I am not racist but with what I have seen & been through, people are honestly shocked I am not. More so my husband then me. He went to a mostly black school and got beat up for being white almost every week. He couldn't say or do anything because he would be called racist even though they all called him white slurs and admitted they jumped him/beat him up for being white. A few years ago my husband got dragged out of a car and held by gun point and robbed, though he didn't give them anything. Ended up getttin pistol whipped in the face pretty bad. After that, two young black kids called me a bitch at the mall for holding the door for them (yeah I don't get it either) and Wayne turned around and said who you calling a bitch and they ended up fighting him 2 on one... He hit the one pretty bad and he ran away and the other one refused to fight him one on one. The whole time their mother was there almost having a heart attack but they didn't care. They were probably 17 years old tryin to fight a 30 year old. I mean, really? I have a few other stories as well. From my experience, the closer you live to cities in America, the worse the ghettos are. Don't get me wrong, I have encountered white trash as well. I honestly don't care if people think I am racist at this point because I know I am not. I am not trying to sit here and defend myself, just trying to help people see things from my point of view. I don't look at color/race or even belief system, I look at the person's heart. I know that is likely hard to understand but that is just how I am.

    Also Jono, you likely kno nothing about living in/by ghetto areas so you can't even talk on the subject.