Sharmeka Moffitt Set Herself on Fire

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  1. This past Sunday police in Louisiana found 20 year old Sharmeka Moffitt brutally beaten, and burned after three men allegedly assaulted and set the young woman on fire. Police believed the case to be a hate crime but in a shocking twist it’s been discovered that Ms. Moffitt’s injuries were ultimately self-inflicted.

    According to initial reports, Moffitt said three men covered her in a flammable liquid before fleeing. When police arrived, they discovered Moffitt with burns over half of her body. She was taken to the hospital where doctors performed surgery to save Moffitts life. Both her arms were covered in third degree burns. Her legs and chest were covered in first degree burns.

    “KKK” and a racial slur were burned onto the woman’s car leading police to believe that the crime was racially motivated.

    In a twist, Sharmeka Moffitt confessed that she in fact set herself on fire, shortly after scrawling the words on the hood of her Buick LaCross using toothpaste. On top of this, her fingerprints and DNA matched to a cigarette lighter found at the scene.
  2. I don't even know what to say
  3. I'm just trying to imagine how bad that burn is. I burn myself cooking and want to break a wall
  4. What a weird bitch.
  5. I know, twisted
  6. Stupid lunatics like Sharmeka, (muslim?) belong in a psychiatric ward. That's all that needed to be said
  7. Umm it doesn't matter what religion she is....
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  8. What the hell makes you think she's Muslim? and even if she is, what does that have to do with ANYTHING?
  9. Indeed.
  10. Kanenite posting something silly again is he? :pity:

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