Shaw Gets Creepy...Again!

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    Did you see Wednesday night’s IMPACT!? If you caught the show, we’re sure that, at one point, you cringed and thought “what a creepy bastard!” That moment was universal for every TNA fan as we watched Gunner return to his hotel room to discover Samuel Shaw wearing Gunner’s military uniform and saluting.

    We have all attempted to give Samuel Shaw a fair shake at his return to IMPACT – and he’s shown signs of improvement, but it has to be said that he took an incredible leap backwards from that one moment. What in your right mind would possess you to dawn a friend’s uniform while he’s out of the room!? NOTHING. That’s what. We all have better sense than that.

    Bare in mind, this is not Shaw’s first “creepy” action. One can’t help but recall the vicious assaults, the stalking of TNA ring announcer Christy Hemme, the battles with Mr. Anderson and everything else that has preceded this moment for Samuel Shaw.

    For weeks, he’s asked that we trust him and forgive him… After what happened on Wednesday night’s show, who knows if that will ever be possible!? asked Gunner to comment on his situation with Samuel Shaw and he declined. Has he gotten himself involved in something he should’ve avoided!? Our guess is that the answer is “probably”…


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