Shawn Hernandez Injured At Live Event

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. According to Wrestling News World, Hernandez took a nasty bump at Friday night’s TNA live event in Hidalgo, Texas. The spot was during a TNA Tag Team Championship match in which Hernandez was jumping out of the ring onto Luke Gallows. Hernandez missed Gallows and took the bump directly to the concrete floor. Medical staff came out to assist Hernandez to the back. More on this story as it comes.

    So he missed him completely? Stay classy botchnandez. :facepalm:
  2. Missed him completely? :lol1:

    I hope it wasn't a bad injury though.
  3. GOD DAMNIT HERNANDEZ :cornette:
  4. Hope he's okay I suppose.
  5. damn Mexis always botchin'

    Nah jk. Hope he's 'ight
  6. I'll be the one... what goes around comes around.

    This guy bounces across the ring without a care and tosses jabroni's around the ring like rag dolls. He thought it was funny, now he knows how it feels

    I don't want Hernandez hurt, but dropping Dougie Williams on his neck insults me and all who like pro wrestling. You, Hernandez, are a failure
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  7. UPDATE: Hernandez appears to be okay after his injury scare Friday night. When asked on Twitter about the severity of his condition, Hernandez replied: “C'mon son! Only tonto people believe silly wrestling stories!”

  8. I'm not tonto or anything, but this story seems pretty legit. :dawg:
  9. Shawn is a dumbass. What goes around comes around my friend.
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  10. That's just pathetic. Gallows isn't some tiny man. How do you completely miss him? Geez. Glad he's OK and wasn't badly injured, but still ..... dumbass. Learn to do your job properly.
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  11. Agreed. There are literally dozens of wrestlers who don't maim other guys.

    Flair didn't cripple people, HHH doesn't bend people's lids, Y2J doesn't ram people's digits

    I doubt the "E" would cut a slice for guys that breaks windpipes.... then again Goldberg says hello
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