WrestleMania Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 29?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by CM Punk, Mar 13, 2013.

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  2. But why...? How can they use him in this? He can't be Ref, serves NO purpose. He can't be involved...he doesn't wrestle...

  3. HBK has had more comebacks than Brett Favre
  5. Brock did say he was gna go after HBK if you guys haven't forgotten... So it was already open for the possibility awhile ago. They will probably make him the guest ref.... Again... lol
  6. :no: terrible idea. -5
  7. not my idea... Just seems to be the pattern they are going for... Ya know, twice in a life time and what not. :pity:
  8. HBK got his arm broken by Lesnar. I only expect him to be in HHH's corner.
  9. This is the wwe... Expect what you are expecting... Then add MORE! :dawg:
  10. Big **SPOILER** about HHH-Lesnar match, HBK.

    From Ringsidenews

  11. Big **SPOILER** about HHH-Lesnar match, HBK.

    Ugh, figured as such. So pointless. Who has Lesnar put over since his return? Cena, and now HHH. Lovely usage of a huge buzz there WWE.
  12. RE: Big **SPOILER** about HHH-Lesnar match, HBK.

    Now it will mean even more when Cena or HHH put someone new ov---

    goddammit, nevermind.
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  13. Big **SPOILER** about HHH-Lesnar match, HBK.

    Of course HHH was going over we cannot have his last potential match end in a loss can we:hunter:
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  14. Big **SPOILER** about HHH-Lesnar match, HBK.

    I can't figure for the life of me why Lesnar is booked to lose the first match after he returns. :pity:
  15. Big **SPOILER** about HHH-Lesnar match, HBK.

    Posted this already.
  16. Big **SPOILER** about HHH-Lesnar match, HBK.

    This is why thread titles should be descriptive @"CM Punk"
  17. RE: Big **SPOILER** about HHH-Lesnar match, HBK.

    It's the same title as the article was given. :mad2:
    Don't blame me. Blame dirtsheets. :bury:
  18. Damn, so there is no chance Brock is winning, this is stupid, Brock needs the win a lot more than HHH, if Brock does indeed job to Triple H at Wrestlemania, then how are the fans supposed to take Brockseriously with a 1-2 record since his return?

  19. Heyman argues with ref. HBK's sweet chin music to Lesnar. HHH pins.
  20. HBK being on HHH's corner makes sense. And @Baraa , I don't think the big problem is people taking Lesnar seriously, but just the fact that they wasted his first year back on Cena and HHH for no reason at all.
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