Shawn Michaels comes to RAW at 03-05-2012

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels will return to WWE Raw SuperShow next week! posted that HBK will come back again to RAW.
    Probably to be in the match, wish HHH good luck, superkicks Taker, promote a DVD, or something else?

    I can't wait!
  2. He's "angry with HHH" so he'll somehow put himself in the WM match, either a referee or actually competing. I'm glad because it brings some life into the most overrated feud ever, it's so boring.
  3. It's big enough to be a match at WM ehh? :emoji_wink:
  4. Naturally, they're two big names. Just a really boring feud, HBK needs to bring some life into it.
  5. This match will be the best one of the year if Shawn gets involved making it a Triple-Threat.
  6. yeah a triple thread is cool, but will the rules be: If HHH wins, the streak ends, if HBK wins, the streak ends and if Taker wins, the streak lives?
  7. Probably. I'm predicating HBK being the special guest referee.

    Anyway, MOTN will go to Punk/Jericho.
  8. Punk/Jericho will quite probably be MOTY tbh. Especially in the WWE.
  9. Match of the night.
  10. Aaaahhh okok
    How about a MITB match at WM?
    I think it would be cool.

    Guys like: Ziggler, Truth, Kofi, ADR, Miz..
  11. There's rumoured to be one but with all these matches already confirmed I can't see it happening. If there is going to be one Ziggler will win and it will be as always a MOTN contender.
  12. I would like to have Ziggler as a champ soon..
  13. It does seem late for it now sadly would love to have seen the following in : Ziggler (winner), Christian, Regal, Baretta, Orton and Barrett. None of them seem to be doing much and they could put on a great match imo. They've all proven they can take big bumps and Baretta would supply some Holy shit moments.
  14. Baretta is not over enough for WM..
  15. Kingston? He could steal the show like he done at the Rumble.
  16. True, lots of high flying with the ladders and stuff..
    Could be cool
  17. Forgot about Kofi tbh, just thought of some high flyer who could steal the show. Baretta is replaceable with many people such as Kofi or Tyson. Just someone to fill Shelton's place.
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