WrestleMania Shawn Michaels: From Mr. Wrestling to Mr. I Got To Get Involved In Every HHH Feud

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  1. As much as I like Shawn Michaels, this whole: "I gotta have my friend's back at every WrestleMania." bullshit annoys me. He got involved in a storyline that has NOTHING to do with him.

    And please don't sell me this, Shawn got back because he looked for retribution for Brock breaking his arm. Because if that's the case that it just playin idiotic.

    Ever since he retired he was implanted as part of Triple H's storylines at Mania. He was a referee in the End of An Era match. Than he was supposed to be in HHH's corner, but got beat up by Lesnar. And now he is part of of the feud with Lesnar, just so he can get F5'd. Basically, Shawn Michaels now plays the role, that back in the 90s Triple H used to play for him. The roles have switched.

    And once again, that's another ego boost for Triple H.
  2. Agreed. :gtfo: Shawn.
  3. Bork Broke his arm :pipebomb:
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  4. You whine a lot.
  5. I actually agree. HBK shouldn't have been there if he wasn't going to provide a WM moment by screwing HHH or accidentally costing him or something. He was pointless. Him being there last year was fantastic as he had a real impact in the match, and the ending was majestic, but he felt like a third wheel this year. You really needed HBK to be at ringside to simply super kick Heyman?
  6. Whilst I agree, it's not Shawn's fault. WWE wants him at every Mania, for some reason.
  7. but there was a point to it. It's not like it just came out of thin air. It made sense why he would be at ringside.
  8. Him being at WM in itself wasn't so bad. His overall involvement in the feud can be interpreted in that manner but Brock broke his arm, him coming back to have HHH's back makes sense.
  9. I agree wholeheartedly. Just feels so forced to get HBK involved in all of HHH's feuds.
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