Shawn Michaels on 13th February RAW

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  1. Apparently HHH is on every RAW until WM (dirt sheet report) and Taker is reportedly going to be at RAW after EC.

    Looks like they're going to go through with it then :sleepy::sleepy:
  2. Don't you think this should be a spoiler?
  3. Nope it's speculation, cards subject to change. Also he'll most likely be announced, it won't be a surprise.
  4. The only way I'll be ok with this is Shawn costing Hunter the match as a sign it's time to retire.
  5. Shawn also replied to a user in Twitter saying "I am still connected with the WWE".
  6. This. I'd love a HBK vs HHH match maybe. I see it as HBK saying HHH can't do it again, but they're best mates so he'll support him bla bla. Be the special guest referee and it'll all be about whether HBK screws Taker.
  7. I think it would be great to see Shawn Michaels back for a show.
    Maybe he will be connected to WrestleMania, who knows.
    It would be great if that would happen, but I have seen so many speculations for the match that would include Triple H, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.
    I can't wait to see what it is going to be!
  8. I also can't wait to see him on RAW, I mark for whenever he appears. But I really don't want HHH vs Undertaker part III, I know you're a HHH fan but do you really want to see it again? It devalues the streak in my opinion, not increases the prestige because he's a big name. Would be interesting to see what a HHH mark thinks :emoji_slight_smile:.
  9. I see what you mean, I really would like to see an other opponent to face Undertaker, but who in the roster would that be? I can't think about a superstar that is 'over' enough to face Taker at WrestleMania. Maybe a small chance to have a wrestler to come back to face him. But still, I think HHH will be involved in the match untill he says he won't be at a Raw show.
  10. Easy, Cena next year. I don't know why they rush Taker back to this WM where he's not needed to compete, the card is so stacked already his match would just be overshadowed.
  11. Yeah! It is full, I think WWE just couldn't have the event without Taker..
  12. I don't see why not, since HHH loves to look good in everything they could just book it as Taker not recovering completely since their match. Then Taker can return and perhaps Cena interrupts saying "Your time is up [no pun intended] Taker" and play that sort of angle. Taker says well why don't you face me, then voila Taker beats Cena and retires at WM.
  13. I agree with this speculation. I think this is what's going to happen. I've been calling it for a while now.
  14. True, I agree with the recovery thing. Maybe I have to be on an other topic for this, but how is WWE making it possible to let Taker look good at WM, since he was wearing a wig at Raw. :cool:
  15. I didn't even know he was wearing a wig? :O
  16. Good news, hopefully they do more than pep talk to Triple H.
  17. Haha agreed.
  18. You are kidding right? :emoji_grin:
    It was kinda obvious..
    No offence but are you kidding?
  19. To be honest I spent half my time during that segment baffling in our discussion thread last week how I didn't want this feud to happen. I didn't stare at his hair when I was watching either, lol. Got a screenshot or anything?
  20. Oh yeah, WTF is with that wig? Is Taker sick or something? Did he lose his hair?