WrestleMania Shawn Michaels referee - good or bad thing?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Discuss.

    My opinion: Good thing, tired of seeing the feud revolve around HHH burying Taker.
  2. Bad thing this is now HBK VS HHH 25685 ( They have feuded more then this, I gave up keeping count) It should revolve around Taker and his streak not about what will Shawn do.
  3. I'm uncertain. I think without him it may have gotten a little tedious. I was barely interested in the match at all until HBK got involved and him and HHH cut that amazing promo.

    On the other hand it does take away from The Streak and the match itself. As said above it should be about whether Taker will go 20-0, not whether HBK will screw one of them.

    In saying that I don't think this match should have ever happened. He should have waited a year, let his hair grow back and then faced Cena at WM29. Also that way it wouldn't be overshadowed by Rock/Cena as well.
  4. This is the only topic really making me having no idea what is going to happen.
  5. To be honest, it going away from "the streak" is good (in my opinion) - HHH was burying it weekly. I'd rather it be about HBK vs HHH and Taker keep his legacy than HHH shove that legacy up his ass.
  6. His legacy is more than the streak imo. He's one of the longest serving wrestlers ever, not to mention the most respected. If he loses the streak it won't harm him, the same as him not winning more titles won't harm him or his legacy.
  7. It's made a feud a little more interesting, in my opinion. It's not just about Taker-HHH again but it also brings up the old storyline from 2-3 years ago with Taker-HBK and it's even starting to bring the old rivalry between HHH-HBK and it's gonna be sort of the ultimate end to all three of these things.
  8. BAD! it is now going to be ALL about him!
    HBK is one of my favourite superstars
    him returning for Wrestlemania season is good for hype etc but now he is involved and he retired from this exact feud...
    He is now going down as one of all the other legends that just need the spotlight over and over again :emoji_slight_frown:
  9. I'm neutral on this: HBK added is an intriguing twist, but I'm afraid it may become the mess and take away from the actual HIAC match.
  10. I know that, I wasn't saying his streak is his career (which it is now), I'm simply saying it's a legacy which only the Undertaker has and no other will achieve. Having it buried weekly by egotistic HHH kills me inside. Undertaker of course has had so many other achievements and is one of the best of all time without the streak, but it's still such a massive legacy of his.
  11. As long as he doesn't cost anyone the match especially Undertaker.
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