Shawn Michaels speaks out about Jericho suspension.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 25, 2012.

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    Good on you Shawn!
  2. He should be president!
  3. Great comment. I still don't know why they complained about him kicking the flag though. It's not like it matters or something. Stupid cops, worrying about a heel trying to get heat instead of doing something useful. :bury:
  4. Spoken like a true degenerate

    Jericho is a criminal. I am shocked and sickened that the Brazilian police didn't arrest the scumbag and let him rot away in prison for his heinous and vile acts.
  5. Lmao back when HBK was a flag degrating, drug smoking, imaginary dick sucking tool. :dawg:
  6. God i hope you are kidding DZ
  7. If you take into consideration our legal system, Jericho wouldn't rot in jail even if he killed everyone in the crowd or something.
  8. Do superstars get paid while suspended?
  9. Doubt it, that's basically a vacation. :dawg:
  10. Alot of people get suspended with pay nowadays in the workplace, its bullshit. I don't even know why WWE did that. The Brazilian authorities gave him a pass, why does WWE feel they need to assert some sort of punishment
  11. I think that it's either a way to write him off TV or some punishment just for Jericho not to get away with it, just so WWE wouldn't look bad. No one felt offended by it, really.
  12. Public traded company. They need top show they've disciplined Jericho - for sponsors and all that.
  13. Dead serious. If I saw Jericho I'd kill him with my bare hands for being such a disrespectful parasite. I'm fine with assault, murder, armed robbery, ect but I draw the line at kicking the Brazilian flag.
  14. So you don't get paid for vacation in the United states?
  15. You do, which is why I said it's a vacation. Suspended for 30 days with pay. How much you wanna bet that Y2J is chillin' in the Bajamas.
  16. would murder over a piece of material like a flag? Please, please do. Ill tell everyone i knew that asshole who got raped/murdered in prison because of what a person did acting. Oh man, that actor who played hitler in Reservoir Dogs should be removed from the planet. The dude was playing a heel and went over the line, its NOT that big of a deal, he already got more than what he bargained for.

    As far as suspension goes, Jericho is definitely far enough along to get suspended with pay, if you dont think he's relaxing somewhere on a vacation, you probably dont live in the US.
  17. :lol1::lol1::lol1:

    It's funny, my country's police and D'Z think alike.
  18. Hitler is not in Reservoir Dogs chief, you must be thinking of Inglorious Basterds
  19. Whammy, my failure.
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