Shawn Michaels to appear on last Raw before SummerSlam

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  1. Shawn Michaels to appear on last Raw before SummerSlam


    While it remains to be seen whether Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman will try to steal the spotlight before SummerSlam, the WWE Universe can expect one legendary presence on Raw this Monday night that's sure to be a Showstopper.

    WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels will be in attendance at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, this Monday to support Triple H with his final preparations for The Game's impending clash with Brock Lesnar at the 25th Anniversary of SummerSlam. With tensions escalating between Brock Lesnar and the WWE COO prior to their SummerSlam showdown, what will happen when they are under the same roof, along with Triple H's corner man (and Texas' own) Shawn Michaels? Will this situation explode days prior to WWE's midsummer marquee event?

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  2. So Brock will be seeing Shawn before Summerslam!
  3. :yes:!!!!!! HBK is awesome.
  4. He's had more airtime since retiring than most midcarders have
  5. Little late there botty.. I already posted this in the Raw discussion thread under what to expect.. What kind of automated bot are you? You fail at life... better yet, you fail at technology. I am so disappointed in you botty. I expected more from you. I thought you were smarter than that.. or maybe I am just fast on the reflexes. Reguadless, you let me down.. you let Vince down.. you let all of WWE Forums down. Your presence is no longer required here any more. We do not like you. This all could have been prevented if you would have been a little faster on the grab. This also could have been prevented if you would have wore a little thing called CyberLatex. Maybe you should look it up. After all, you are a bot, so it should not be hard to find. It might actually do you some good to learn about it, then use it for cyber loopholes protection. If you ever think about posting here again, well then, I GOT TWO WORDS FOR YOU.... SUCK IT!!!!!
    I wish you all the best of luck on your future endeavors. Your service is no longer needed. Thank you for sitting down with me today to conduct this professional meeting, and I hope you understand why we had to let you go.

    I thank you for your time, and wish you all the best of luck in the future.

    - Miz
  6. Miz, look at how many guests there are here, now look on how many are at your thread.

    You're welcome :sandow: :damn:

    the bot beat you. :pity: it was old news.
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  8. Technically, that was for last weeks Monday Night Raw.. So, I beat the bot. :otunga:
  9. Technically, both you and the bot can suck it. Most of us called the HBK appearance on the last raw anyway.
  10. Another HBK appearence? :facepalm1: I thought he retired... he should just stay away from the WWE after Summerslam imo.
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