Shawn Michaels tweets homophobic remark then deletes tweets amongst uproar

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. Rofl.
  2. Isn't it obvious he's been sarcastic? Political correctness gone mad.
  3. What a boss :laugh:

    It's not like he's being homophobic, it's just an insult, oversensitive peeps.
  4. Oh my, he made a gay joke, kill him! Kill him now in the worst way possible!

    Who complained about this can go f*ck themselves, it's just a little joke, damn. You can't make one joke about gay people and everyone starts hating on you, how annoying.
  6. The world really has gone mad, people complain about anything and everything, it's a bloody joke.

    Even shows on TV get complaints for nothing at all. Everything has gone way too PC. Bloody #homos
  7. this is one of the aspects i dislike about our current culture :true: people go crazy about anything
  8. LMFAO! That is why I love Shawn Michaels!

    Shame he can't even be sarcastic and joke around these days...Takes all the fun out of everything.
  9. I thought Michaels himself was a homo? Rumor is that he used to bend over for Vince quite a lot.

    Anyway, homosexuality is one of the most sensitive topics out there, since apparently some gay people can't take the slightest joke and seem to whine and complain whenever someone makes even the slightest comment about it. Get over it, fudgepackers. :haha:
  10. Like KL23 said I'm pretty sure Shawn is at least bi.

    Either way, what a stupid thing to be outraged about. People need to sack up and get a damn life outside of being offended by every little comment
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