News Shawn Stasiak wants back in the WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Honestly, dude isn't a bad talker. And if Goldust can have a career resurgence, why not Stasiak?
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  2. Hey, I'm all for Backlund-style veteran comebacks. Never seen him work before, not sure how he'd be in the ring now (although he looks great, gotta say), not a bad talker really, I say give it a shot.
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  3. He's in his mid-40's, so I doubt they take him back on the main roster. The "Shawn Stasiak Comeback Story" doesn't seem like something that WWE would find enthralling (and neither would I... they should focus their attention on the younger talent like Ambrose, Reigns, Rollins, Wyatt, Bryan, etc. rather than a middle-aged talent who was treated as a joke back in the day), so his best bet is probably being hired as a trainer and part-time talent in NXT, ala Rhyno. William Regal promised recently that there could be more veteran talents coming into NXT soon, so Stasiak could be brought in as one of them.
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  4. A comeback from what? Planet Stasiak?
  5. He's a good talker and looks in peak shape, I'm sure Vinnie Mac would love him. I'd honestly enjoy seeing Stasiak make a return myself, this whole 'winning the WWE title' thing seems far-fetched but I'd still like to see him feud with some of this generations wrestlers.
  6. He's still alive? Who died? That was OHare right? Ok. Well still surprised this guy is alive. He looks like he could be a good announcer for NXT
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