Kayfabe She.

Discussion in 'Royal Wrestling Kingdom' started by Jonny Nostradamus, Jul 21, 2017.

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  1. A video surfaces on RWK's official website, the video simply titled with an ""
    (It's the symbol for female, if you can't see it on your device).

    The video fades in from black, and is shaky, as if it is being held in hand.

    On the screen is the face of Slate Bass, asleep in an all white bed.

    Sunlight comes in from the window to the right side, as the camera is turned to face it.

    The camera continues moving, surveying the room, in its disorganized and messy glory.

    Rose petals adorn the floor and the bed.

    The person holding the camera puts their hand on Slate's back and slowly caresses him.

    The hand, complete with red nail polish, appears to belong to a female.

    The camera moves in closer to Slate's shoulder, and a smooch-like sound can be heard.

    When the camera brings Slate back into view, black lipstick is now on his cheek.

    Slate stirs and begins to wake up.


    The female's hand runs through Slate's hair.


    "Sleep my torn warrior."

    "Rest is needed for your success."

    "You wake when you are stone, chiseled for victory."

    "You wake for you, by the word of me."

    The female picks a rose petal off of the pillow beside Slate's head and places it over the black lipstick mark on his cheek.

    The female hands the camera over to Slate, who tosses it onto the ground, causing the video to abruptly end.
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