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    With Sheamus teasing a potential heel turn, winning the US Championship Monday, and winning the rematch Friday over a less than 100% Ambrose (thanks to Evolution's attack Monday) it is looking more and more like Sheamus is heading the way of Evolution. So what will happen to the US Championship... I think it will be absorbed in a unification match against current IC title holder Bad News Barrett while on the European tour.. Payback, taking place in a few weeks, would be the perfect place to introduce Sheamus as the newest member of Evolution and make his full heel turn. Sheamus would be the perfect choice to fill in for Batista's absence because he has, in the past, been a great and convincing heel before. It just makes sense.

    Read this article as well:

    What are your thoughts?

  2. I still don't understand "everybody"'s love of the idea of unifying the IC and US Titles. They could both have roles if the title holders were booked into actual feuds and it would fit to have three men's championships (one for the main event, one for the upper midcard, and one for the lower midcard).

    Other than that, I can easily see Sheamus being brought into Evolution if they're going to continue with Evolution, particularly since Batista's reportedly leaving soon for movie pub.

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  3. I love the separate US/IC titles still even with how badly they've been booked.
    If Sheamus does go into Evolution (should they keep the Team alive after Batista leaves again) I think some prestige could actually be brought back to the US Title.
    IMO any of the following match-ups could do wonders for that belt: Sheamus vs Reigns, Sheamus vs Bray, Sheamus vs Mark Henry, Sheamus vs Cesaro..

    I think if the separate US/IC title matches were set-up/booked a little better (Battle Royale for US Title was a step up from most recent matches for it and then Tourney for #1 Contender for the IC to set up BNB for the win was a big step up as well) then people aside from myself and the small group would have more faith in them being split titles.

    My only fear of Sheamus joining Evolution is that I would hope it doesn't turn into an Ambrose holding it while being on a team situation where they are too busy dealing with group feuds to give the proper set-up matches and title matches to the champ.
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  4. Well, Sheamus in Evolution would be OK if they need a replacement for Batista. If I had to pick I wouldn't really do it. And as far as title unification goes, well, it's really a matter of how much they care. If they care enough to book both titles competently, great! The roster is deep enough to have both belts. But if their recent booking is any indication, you know... we could trust them to book one good midcard storyline over having to book too, so in that way an unification would make sense. But it's not like they can't book both, which would be much better. And also, if Sheamus is teasing a heel turn, well... then he's not really losing, is he? And nor does it look like they're ready to kill BnB's push just yet. Neither man should lose at this point, so it would be wise not to book them against each other.
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    If they were gonna do a unification match anytime soon, then it would have made the most sense to do one between BNB and Ambrose since it's a given that Barrett would be the one to unify the titles since he is in possession of the Intercontinental Championship, and no one honestly thinks the United States Championship has any chance of replacing the IC Title as the premier mid card championship. Defeating a member of The Shield and ending his long reign as champ is an excellent way to jump start BNB's new push as opposed to jobbing Sheamus out right after (or right before) The Celtic Warrior turns heel.

    All things considered, I don't see them unifying the championships, nor do I want them to. I also don't see Sheamus becoming a member of Evolution. I see Evolution more as a short-term thing rather than a long-term rejuvenation of the group (unless his heel turn partly consisted of being associated with Hunter and only filling in as a short-term replacement for Batista before the group split apart for good.)
  6. I can offer some salve to your concern here. When Evolution held multiple titles back in its original run (HHH as WWE/WHC, RKO as IC Champ, Batista/Flair as Tag Champs), all of the belts were defended regularly. That was something of a calling card of the stable: they were all fighting champions.

    So, if Sheamus were to be in Evolution as US Champion, I'm pretty sure the title would be defended on a regular basis, so long as he held it.

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  7. My memory of that was very limited but you shook the cobwebs off..
    Hmm, makes sense that they would continue to be fighting champs. Now hypothetically if Sheamus does join Evolution as the US Champion that would probably make the other two want some belts I imagine. Do you think in today's WWE that they would book HHH/RKO against the Usos for the Tag Tiles (or whomever is holding them) or would that be a waste? Personally running through that thought in my head I think it would be kinda cool to see that.
  8. I think there are a number of ways to go with 4 members of Evolution and titles.

    Some thoughts:
    4 members
    Cody Rhodes (has been much speculated)
    - Sheamus as US Champ and Tag Champ
    - Cody as IC Champ
    - RKO as WWEWHC (or at least in that scene)
    - HHH as Tag Champ

    HHH, RKO, Cody, Sheamus
    - RKO in main event scene
    - Cody in IC scene
    - Sheamus in US Champ scene
    - HHH doesn't compete regularly and is not interested in titles

    5 members:
    The Ascension (purely my speculation, but HHH is reportedly very high on these guys)
    - HHH as COO not interested in competing for a title
    - RKO in main event scene
    - Sheamus in US and IC scenes
    - The Ascension as Tag Champs

    Just some random thoughts about what they could do with titles. I could see RKO continuing to fight for, winning, and losing the WWEWHC along the way, with HHH and him having static because RKO can't carry the title like HHH used to. I'm also not sure of the idea of HHH not being "interested" in being a champion, as that was part of the draw of Evolution. I think they've got to, at some point, control all of the titles, but the fact that their history shows that they'll regularly defend those titles, that's no problem.

    I don't know, just some random speculation on a Sunday morning.

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  9. Hmm I have a thought in mind but I have to ask this first; what will MITB be like this year with the unified titles are we only going to have 1 briefcase or will there still be two and they just make one for the IC title, or has it not been determined yet?

    anyway my thought was..

    I like the thought of Cody in Evolution..

    If there's only 1 MITB case; give it to Goldy let him Cash-in then create the implosion for Cody v Goldy at Summerslam (I believe Goldy is only signed until then anyway) for the WWE/WHC title..

    If there's 2 still and one is for the IC, give the IC one to Goldy and create the same situation with Cody v Goldy at SS for the IC.

    Once you end the Goldy/Cody team then Cody goes to Evolution as the young gun.

    I suppose with Batista gone too you could actually have both Goldy and Cody in there temporarily..

    Hmm, in retrospect this may not be something the entire WWE Universe would be into but personally I'd enjoy that storyline a lot.
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