News Sheamus cast as Rocksteady in new TMNT2

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, May 29, 2015.

  1. So his mohawk will be the horn then?
  2. Sounds pretty good. Along with Stephen Amell, this could be another reason to check out TMNT 2 (after all, apparently the first wasn't that good)... I mean, I haven't been a Turtle fan for ages.
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  3. 1st one was mediocre at best IMO
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  4. Ugh, kinda disappointing. Didn't Michael Bay direct it? He fucked up Transformers for me.
  5. Correct. Different director this time though I think
  6. If so, I'd have somewhat higher hopes for TMNT 2, especially if Stephen Amell has a more prominant role which I think he does, as Casey Jones, if I'm not mistaken, would be the main badass human in the Turtles' allies.
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  7. What you liked the new movie @Rich Homie Aids ? It was ok, but I was let down tbh. Liked the 1990s versions better, cheesy as they were. Not 3 though. Never 3.....
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  8. IT wasn't bad, it just didn't live up to the insane amount of hype. This new one looks sweet as fuck though.
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  9. Nash as super shredder >>>>
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  10. I could never believe that wasn't advertised much back then. I watched wwe as a kid and never found out until I was older.
  11. Nash was in his awkward WCW days where he was playing like a wizard and vinnie vegas and shit in 91 when the movie came out lol. He wasn't a well known wrestler until he was HBK's body guard 3-4 years later
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  12. Michael Bay did not direct it, he only produced it and he's doing the 2nd one too. Liebesman directed the first one and now David Green is on the second one which is a bad sign seeing as his top billed movie is Earth to Echo.

    The first one sucked the only good part was Noel Fisher as Mikey.. I expect nothing different other than Stephen Amell possibly making it a little better.
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  13. Oops, my bad. Guess I didn't care enough about it to get the facts straight lol. Hell, just about anything with Bay's name attached to it in some way is crap nowadays IMO. Smh
  14. Pretty much, not sure exactly how much he has to do with Black Sails other than a couple of "explosions" but that show is phenomenal even with his name attached.
  15. Well, at least he gets to star in what will probably be a good movie instead of some crappy WWE Studios film that other people have to be apart of.
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Sheamus looks alright. Might watch the movie, was never too big on TMNT sadly when growing up though.
  18. The first TMNT movie with Megan Fox was absolute cancer, garbage movie with garbage acting and effects. Not surprising considering who produced it.
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