Sheamus dropping the title at NoC?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Aug 22, 2012.

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  1. Do you think ADR will finally get a win over Sheamus at NoC? Sheamus has been champion for a while now and is past the "he's not had it long enough to lose it" mark, so anything is possible.

    If not at NoC, when do you think he'll lose it?
  2. :yes: Alberto will finally win and Dolph Ziggler will cash it in on him and he'll have the championship.
  3. I don't know. I'm not sure I want ADR as champ, I'd prefer Ziggler to win the title. If it was at NoC, nice, I guess. Although they could build him a bit more.
  4. I'm sure Dolph is cashing in on ADR, they're terrified of making Sheamus look weak.
  5. When :kiss: and :bury: make their decision I believe it should go to Ziggler. He deserves his chance and is a fabulous (eck did I used that word?) performer.
  6. I think Dolph will need a decent storyline attached with him, because people will get sick of so much Vickie so fast.
  7. Alberto will win at NoC and Dolph will cash in, I'm sure of this.
  8. Suppose they bring in her daughter Raquel to have an affair with Dolph. Vickie would be so happy to have her daughter traveling with her, and from beginning Dolph makes subtle moves behind Vickie's back until she finds out Raquel and Dolph got together. It reeks of soap opera, something WWE would totally go for.
  9. I'd actually love that as long as Dolph stays heel lol.
  10. Ziggler at NoC, then Jericho after TLC, :boss1:
  11. Yes, I think ADR wins the title at NoC.

    I posit three ideas:
    1) ADR wins with a move that doesn't damage Sheamus too much (i.e., Sheamus is still awake and mobile at the end of the match; maybe even a roll-up or something), then Sheamus kicks out ADR. Out comes Dolph, who cashes in on ADR and becomes WHC.
    2) Sheamus beats ADR clean, but an enraged ADR goes berzerk, gets a chair, knocks Sheamus out, "breaks" Sheamus' arm, something that puts him out cold. Out comes Dolph as ADR heads toward the back, extremely angry. Dolph cashes in on Sheamus and becomes WHC.
    3) ADR beats Sheamus and nobody has a bad reaction after the match. ADR and Sheamus continue to feud. Dolph continues to be Mr. MITB (this also means Dolph would have to be involved in some other feud, which we don't see right now).

    I actually like "3", as I don't think there's any need to rush the title onto Ziggler. He'll be Champ many times in his career, I have faith in that. Besides, there's nothing wrong with a guy carrying the briefcase for a while and cashing in at Elimination Chamber (after an exhausted, bloody champion lays prone in the middle of the ring unable to defend himself) or even Wrestlemania (it might blow the servers on this site out if Ziggler cashed in and became WHC at Wrestlemania). In short, don't be so impatient.

    I don't like "2". It does nothing for anybody in the long run, except giving Dolph the title. ADR doesn't look strong. Sheamus doesn't look beatable. There's just no reason for it.

    I have a feeling WWE will pull something like "1" on us. Sheamus loses dirty and rages against ADR, so DZ comes out and wins the title. ADR has cheated his way to victory, Sheamus has a case, Dolph has the title, and we get a three-way at the next PPV for the WHC between Dolph, Sheamus, and ADR.

  12. A roll up win is a clean victory, I do not see WWE letting Sheamus lose clean when he hasn't even tapped since ADR has cheap shotted him and put him in his finisher. It just ain't happening imo.
  13. Sorry. Didn't mean to suggest the roll-up wasn't clean. I meant cheap. Maybe a roll-up with him holding the ropes or pulling the tights. I did actually mean a dirty finish.

    I don't know, maybe have ADR hit him in the head with Ricardo's shoe or something.....:smug:

    Also, I just figure they've got to do something different with Sheamus or risk him going down the "Cena path" of being loved and hated....but I don't know, maybe that's what WWE wants all of its "superstars" to be.

  14. I've thought for a little while that Dolph cashing in and winning it at Night Of Champions would be fitting, given the PPV name.
  15. Sheamus should drop the title to Dolph Ziggler as clearly Sheamus is very stale as champion
  16. i think and hope ADR wins it.. but im not sure if ziggler will cash in at NOC. if he did and ARD did win.. would they make ADR lose it on the same night?.. >.>
  17. I don't think Ziggler will cash in at NOC, because I sense a Ziggler/Orton feud coming

    I also think ADR will win :emoji_slight_frown:
  18. I think this'll actually happen, if nothing else for the surprise factor (see Henry, Mark)

    But if he does, he'll probably just be a transitional champion for Orton, but I'd rather have Zigs cash in right afterward in a way to turn ADR face.
  19. I want Alberto out of the title picture so have Sheamus win then Dolph cash in. Dolph and Sheamus feud and Del Rio fucks off :emoji_grin:
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  20. I think Orton and Ziggler will feud for a while with Orton putting Dolph over in the end.
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