Sheamus in for a Championship run?

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    Do you think he is set for a Championship run?

    Example: Christian was World Heavyweight Champion after Money in the Bank, yet on the Night of Champions Poster, Randy Orton was holding a World Heavyweight Champion.


    Notice how Summerslam hasn't been hosted yet. Than at Summerslam Christian loses his Championship.

    So are we in for a Sheamus Championship and what would be you're thoughts if he was at the Elimination Chamber? The funny thing would be that Daniel Bryan and Sheamus had a match with each other last Wrestlemania, but for the United States Champion.

    Also this is not related but Dolph Ziggler had a World Heavyweight Championship match last Royal Rumble against Edge and has one against CM Punk for the WWE Championship.
  2. Not yet. They're still going to book him like superman burying everyone he faces, he's got no feud with Bryan yet so it'd be silly to put the belt on Sheamus.

    The whole WHC scene on SmackDown is a bore at the moment, not because of DB, I'm a fan of his, but because of Big Show. So I tune in and out of it now and again, but no where near as passionate about it as I am say the WWE Championship.
  3. But didn't you hear the Rumors of Big Show Vs. Shaquille O'Neal? Also if it isn't Wade Barret why not Sheamus?
  4. Sheamus is face. DB is face. They wouldn't have face vs face yet, unless DB was to go heel. Show and DB going heel at similar times? Nonsense booking. Wade Barrett has to take the step up I feel. Either win the Rumble, or win the EC. Though i have a feeling Sheamus will win the Rumble -.-.
  5. Hope not, I wish they changed his character into a badass. Have him feud with Barrett and let Barrett go over him is what I say, but since Sheamus is working-out buddies with HHH that won't happen.
  6. Not actually, anyone can win at the Elimination Chamber. Like when everyone attacked Cena in 09 Elimination Chamber I think? Good times.

    They Had Shawn Michaels Vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania 23 also, so theirs nothing really wrong with Face Vs. Face.
  7. Face vs Face at Mania' is completely fine, if they're big enough. Cena, Michaels, too massive names. Sheamus, Bryan, not so much. One of them would just get a silent reaction or a few cheers. Though you're right, Sheamus could come out of EC as the champion, but ugh I really hope he doesn't.
  8. Depends, maybe Sheamus can win the rumble, Barret at Elimination Chamber and Triple Threat Match at Mania. (Hopefully a ladder match)
  9. MITB is rumoured to be back at Mania', so I doubt another ladder match. Sheamus and Barrett in a ladder match won't exactly be the best either lmao.

    I'd prefer a triple-threat than Sheamus vs Bryan definitely. Barrett I feel should win the rumble, his promos boasting about it would be gold. Then have Barrett vs Bryan feud at RTWM, Barrett keeps screwing Bryan and Sheamus makes a few saves, making it triple-threat at Mania'. People think it'll be Sheamus and Bryan vs Barrett but Bryan then takes out Sheamus, making it every man for himself.
  10. The thing is that Barret still doesn't look strong enough. He took out Orton but he still doesn't look strong. Sheamus is on a winning streak and hasn't lost since the Raw after Summerslam unless you consider Sheamus losing the Battle Royal to Hornswoggle.
  11. Sheamus has faced people like Santino, Jinder Mahal etc. Who would I consider more of a threat on SmackDown? Barrett. He just took out the number 1 superstar on SD.

    What better time to push him to the ME? He can actually use the mic too.
  12. Nope being on the poster means jack most of the time kofi was on the poster for one of the mitb posters he didn't win the match he was in. Kane was on the poster of one event and was in a dark match. I can't see sheamus getting a run until at least the summer.
  13. Santino is on the royal rumble poster btw.
  14. Your face when he wins the rumble haha.
  15. Not gonna lie id mark for the power walk.
  16. Let's not even think about it -.-!!
  17. I guess Santino is winning the Rumble. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  18. Lmao, headlining wrestlemania against CM Punk. Gets the cobra in, new champion!!
  19. And that children is why the Internet exploded.
  20. Lol I can imagine the rage threads now, our post count would double in a day.