Sheamus is getting more like Orton

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Baraa, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. He has been constantly a part of irrelevant and pointless feuds ever since he lost the World title, much like the way Orton was booked since he lost the title back in 2011. He doesn't have any relevant role in the show right now despite HHH being high on him.

    I find it really sad and strange how WWE can't benefit properly from these 2 huge superstars, they can at least turn one of them and have them feud against each other. That would definitely be better than the way they are booking them right now.

  2. Sheamus vs Orton ? LOL no.
    Maybe Orton heel.. But no. There are other stuff for him to do.
    I disagree with you. I think sheamus had an okay feud with show and then he moved into the field's feud. He then faced Henry and now, he's making Rhodes Scholars a little bit more.important. I think he's okay as a midcarder

  3. More like Rhodes Scholars are making him less important to me.
    I'm a big Scholars fan but that's the painful truth.
  4. He's a stable hand they know they can rely on, he's solid in ring and on the mic at worst. Them stopping his push will hopefully help him too, he needs more motivation otherwise he get's lazy and it must be hard to be motivated when the company has such a boner for you.
  5. Sheamus just needs to regroup. As the World Heavyweight champion he was booked weirdly until his feud with Big Show, who in my opinion was his best feud as the World Heavyweight champion. Almost every other feud besides that he was booked strongly, and he always won, so there was no surprise or much of a story to me. You know he was going to win, so it was just very predictable, the heels seem to have no control at all, and on top of all that, his promos were just horrible.

    When he fought Big Show, Big Show showed that he was much stronger then Sheamus throughout the whole feud, it showed that maybe Sheamus wasn't the superman everyone thought he was. So it made it less predictable and more exciting, the promos were still boring to me, but the matches at least seemed a lot better because of that kind of build up. After losing to Show, it just seemed like they are experimenting with what to do with Sheamus. They have been using him for tag team, singles, and different feuds. I think they're trying to improve him, fight his strength and weaknesses, and where he would fit best at. Personally I think he needs to focus more on improving his mic skills and whatnot, but as long as they don't put him in the main event scene right now, it's fine with me.
  6. It's true, the guy is just wandering around the midcard these days. We just have to wait until they find something for him to do.
  7. Hopefully he drops even lower down the card.
  8. anyone remember the feud Orton had with Cena for the WWE championship? that was the last great rivalry i saw, so bring Orton back in the title picture, WWE creative (Vince)!:bury:
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