Sheamus is too stiff.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by seabs, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. Noticed a few members saying he's too stiff in the ring, which has brought me to question can you be too stiff from an entertainment stand point? Guys like Austin, Regal and Daniel Bryan have all worked stiff to an extent and it did nothing but add to them, in the same form it does to Sheamus. It adds to his brawler persona,if he pulls his punches it looses it's effect imo, so being stiff adds realism to our cartoon world. Plus with guys working a very restricted style in the WWE, surely a bit of variety should be encouraged? Attack away!
  2. IMO the wrestlers you listed above have a lot more too them. Sheamus is just stiff and unfit. I'm not sure if you watch SmackDown but his cardio levels are horrid. Also, he makes no one look good. Bryan, Regal and Austin all imo made their opponents look great (more so the first two).
  3. This x1000.

    It's not the fact that Sheamus is stiff that makes his matches tedious, it's because he's horrifically unfit and one dimensional. He throws a few punches and does the EXACT same power moves every match, it's so dull to watch. Then the ending of his match is always so bloody obvious!

    Also he can't sell for shit, but that may be due to his character restrictions. In saying that Punk manages to as a superface, so I don't see why Sheamus can't.
  4. So being stiff isn't the issue? I could have sworn people were complaining about it saying it ruins matches in the discussion thread lol.
  5. I think people are using the term stiff wrong, or perhaps in different context. Austin for example, intentionally stiff to portray his brawler role. You knew he was the tough badass fighter type wrestler. I guess people see Sheamus -- me included -- as the "stiff" wrestler who doesn't make anyone look good, can't sell for crackers, is stupidly slow and is just not fun to watch. I don't think "Ah, he's slow because he's a big Irish fighter", I think "Wow he's horrible in the ring".

    I've not always thought like that though, his match against Bryan (no surprise there) was awesome, and even though it's Bryan you can't single handedly carry a match to that level. Perhaps he's gotten lazier or just worse, who knows. But I completely agree when people bag on his wrestling atm.
  6. I haven't got a problem with people complaining about him in ring for varying reasons, he has become stale in ring and more power based. It's a shame as he was pretty agile at one point. It was the whole stiff thing that did baffle me, as you say it may have been used in the incorrect way.
  7. Yeah he was starting to add more agility to his move set I thought, with that "battering ram" stuff. I guess when you have HHH's nose up your arse you don't need much incentive to keep trying your best :lol1:.
  8. I didn't notice the stiff-ness of Austin, Regal and Bryan. But in Sheamus' case, it's obvious. The matches aren't flowing like it's supposed to be. It just slows down, slows down a little bit more, 5 moves of doom, Brogue kick. It's plain boring to see the guy 'work', if we're still calling it like that. He's self-centered because he's hanging out with HHH.

    All the respect to him for achieving his goals and becoming WHC, but I think everyone can see him not working matchs like it should.
  9. It's not even that. He's really one-dimensional as a worker, and that one dimension (impressive power moves) sucks because his face moveset is horrendous. He's been completely exposed, he's an injury risk, he can't sell, he gets blown up quickly in the match. He's lazy in the ring and abominable on the mic, he doesn't have any charisma to draw you to him, and despite his SuperSheamus booking he feels like a transitional champion, but I fear he will never lose the belt (if that makes any sense). Honestly, unless there's someone like Ziggler or Bryan there who are fun to watch by themselves, you can't get a good match out of him. He's a fucking joke.

    His effort (or lack there of) falls squarely on WWE imo. If you have someone who needs to be motivated, sticking him at the top and planning on keeping him there with no way down (since Triple H and the fucktarded creative team won't let him lose) won't keep him motivated. Didn't they bury Jack Swagger for being complacent? Then do the same with Sheamus ffs.
  10. I like Sheamus as champ, he's better than D. Bryan, I like brawlers like him who never give up:bury:
  11. I got the weirdest mental image from reading the thread title :tough:
  12. Basically what Rain said. Sheamus lazy stile and lack of will to improve is not only hurting his look in the ring, but that of his opponents, his title and his show. He doesn't draw worth shit and his pops are getting smaller and smaller. I wonder how long Hunter can protect him before he realizes change is needed.
  13. Agreed. Hunter is the guy who is always looking at: ''What is good for the business?''
    The only thing he cares about. Sheamus may have a good physique, but that ain't going to help him in the future. Like you said, it will be a matter of time when Hunter finally sees what he has been putting in the ME for a long time.
  14. I don't have a problem with Sheamus. He just has an awful character atm. The problem is WWE's booking of top faces, not Sheamus
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