Sheamus' left arm at RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Nov 14, 2012.

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  1. Looks pretty bruised.. Holy cow. Props to him for not even selling it a little.

  2. Yeah, now that you pointed it out it looks pretty bad. Props for him then.
  3. Did Triple H beat him down during "Nice time" :isee:
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  4. Lmao.. I actually think it's from ADR's arm bars.. Those things hurt pretty bad. Plus, ADR is doing it with help from the ropes as well lately, so maybe that went badly wrong.
  5. Has Del Rio locked Sheamus in the Armbar recently? :hmm:
  6. Hmm, true. :dafuq:

    I'm confused then. By the way, I noticed Sheamus having all kinds of wounds on his face at times. I really won't buy a story of him getting in a fight every week.
  7. He probably gets bruised in regular matches.
  8. Guess so. Looks bad. Must hurt like a mofo. :silva:
  9. Probably. Maybe it was Yoshi Tatsu :haha:
  10. :hmm:

    Could be. You know how those two are.
  11. Yeah, his nose is all scabby and bloody a lot of the time.. pretty weird
  12. :vince:
  13. MY SHEAMUS! :((

    OK seriously, his bruise looks pretty bad! :(( His complexion makes it easier to see scars and bruises, hope he's well!
  14. Hey you big guy over there,orange wanna get laid
  15. It was obviously the work of David Otunga.
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