Sheamus lost!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 22, 2014.

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  1. :yes::yes::yes:

    Any rumours why WWE are currently burying his candy ass though? Loving it either way.
  2. AHHHH SPOILERS! JK man, not that upset by them lol. I forget - who was he facing last night?
  3. Bad News Barrett.

    I can only assume that they have nothing for Sheamus right now. It was a good match nonetheless.

    It seems that Barrett's new character is really over. He got great chants last night, and the crowd even chanted "This is awesome!" at one point.

    What a delight!
  4. Good, I'm glad Shaemus lost then.
  5. Watching Sheamus and Barrett pummel each other is always a fun watch in my book. Dude's can go.
  6. Well, not for nothing, but Sheamus' current position if perfect. He's a somewhat over babyface who can have good matches. If he's in the midcard and eventually jobbing clean as he did to Barrett, while not speaking much and having fun matches, awesome. No need to hate on Sheamus for now.
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  7. Leads to a heel turn which will happen very soon imo. He will probably face Bryan for the title at Payback.
  8. nice spoiler lad, and Sheamus isn't even bad. Overpushed maybe, but he is a cool bloke.
  9. Sheamus working stiff matches is always good for me. I still want a PPV match w/ Cesaro from him.
  10. This was a great match though!
  11. As much as I dislike his character. I feel sorry for the dude WWE have dropped the ball with him. He was like the second quickest WWE title reign. His matches aint bad his promos are average he loves the business and the fans which shows. He needs a proper character sort out and he could be gold. Hope it works out for him tbh.
  12. He just needs to be the Celtic Warrior again... the commentators still call him that but his attitude no longer matches it.... a heel turn is due.
  13. Even this character got stale quickly on him though. I've mentioned it loads he needs that gimmick but a rehash of it where it plays on the Celtic Warrior mythology and his Irish background truly.
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  14. Agreed.
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  15. Right!? Where is the Sheamus who came in and so ruthlessly destroyed cena?
  16. I haven't watched this weeks Raw unfortunately but I did see last weeks. I don't think they're buying Sheamus, I just think they're finally pushing Barrett.
  17. This made me jump for joy! :yay:

    No idea, but I'm curious. If it was because "they're pushing so many other guys that there's no room for Sheamus, that means

    A: There's a bunch of different guys they need to push before Sheamful, and
    B: They realized they can't semi-push the guy. He's putting guys over instead of doing bullshit with Sandow or something.
  18. I was pleasantly shocked to see BNB pick up the clean victory over Sheamus! I think that Barrett will now win the tournament and lose to Big E at ER.

    Pretty pleased that Barrett is getting a half-decent push!
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