News Sheamus new music

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. As seen on Smackdown I'd assume since it was posted today.

    Beats Lobster Head
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  2. I actually liked Lobster Head haha, it does beat it though!
  3. I did like Lobster Head, But glad he's come back Heel, New Look and New Music.
  4. I actually liked 'Written In My Face', but this one's fine. Kinda fits his heel character and all.
  5. This is good, although I did enjoy his old theme.
  6. Pretty good theme, although I kinda wish it had lyrics (possibly the old theme song's) so I could make fun of him when he makes his entrance because TOO MANY LIMES.
  7. I like the new music.

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  8. I love themes like this where it's just the music with no lyrics to it.
  9. It's great, badass, and I'm loving how WWE is adapting their heel themes now.
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  10. Nothing beats lobster head. This is dog shit
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  11. Lobster Head's (actual)lyrics were badass, I hope this one gets a lyrical version also.

    WWE's getting too tna-ish with its themes, they are all starting to sound the same
  12. Here's the full thing. It ain't bad at all, would prefer some lyrics, though.
    But hey, it's miles better than anything CFO$ have been putting out for the past couple of months.
    This one and Bálor's "Catch Your Breath" are actually one of the very few songs made by CFO$ that aren't utter garbage.