News Sheamus reportedly gets his ass kicked backstage by Hunico/Cara

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    Sheamus weakness is apparently minorities, first getting his ass handed to him by Tatsu and now apparently Hunicara.
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  2. Reading about Sheamus getting beat up by guys smaller than him makes me smile for some reason.
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  3. Not surprising. Sheamus is just a meathead and that =/= good fighter.
    Tatsu I'm guessing has martial arts under his belt and from what I've heard Cara is pretty cholo.
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  4. I meet Sheamus and I talked to people that had meet as well he is nice guy! And from when I meet him he was just as nice as everyone told me! I don't belive he started this fight. I half to believe that Hunico started this shit! But that only basic that I meet him in person and know other who had meet him all have said nothing but good thing about him.
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  5. I have nothing against Sheamus, but I like Hunico cause he's great at wrestling, and Tatsu is as well, and he's a fellow native. So yay for this story.
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  6. He is trying so hard to hide that he more than likely got his ass handed to him.
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  7. Anything that involves Hunicara kicking Sheamus's ass is good news to me.
  8. I think I just might be a Hunico mark now.
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  9. When it comes to real-life wrestling fights, the bigger guys are almost always getting their ass handed to them by the smaller ones.
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  10. Did he not have a run in with alberto del rio once also.
  11. Sheamus should turn heel again
  12. I think ADR and the original Sin Cara did. They once back in Mexico crossed paths and Cara and/or one of the members of his 'posse' pulled a gun on Del Rio. Don't quote me on that, though.
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  13. I always find it funny when one of the wrestlers higher up on the cards get their ass kicked by one of the wrestlers that's lower in the
    To me that's almost sweet justice for the lower guys having to job out like they are.
    Iron Man
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  14. Sheamus has apprentely been on twitter to tell its all fake and no backstage fights happened but of course he would say that. Yoshi beat his ass when they both shared a house together and now Hunico kicked his ass backstage lol Sheamus you are weak
  15. MS13 vs IRA.. noiceee!
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