Sheamus' return

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Dec 16, 2013.

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  1. Any news on that?

    Have to say I'm exited IF they changed him up a little.

    Was thinking about him returning at the Royal Rumble, could be a good one..

    Any news/opinions?
  2. Yeah I heard Royal Rumble as well. And there was this other rumor that he might be facing Taker at WM 30 which IMO would be an awesome match if they went ahead with it.

    I like Sheamus, I just hope he comes back as a monster heel. His baby face Cena-2 gimmick got stale as 2 month old bread. Fella.
  3. He said in an interview recently that when he returns, he wants to "return to his roots" and become "no-nonsense and aggressive" again. Speculation is it could mean returning to being an asskicker instead of just a smiling dick babyface, or it could mean reverting back to being a heel, the same type of aggressive heel that once put Triple H on the shelf for a full year.

    He has been slated to return at the Rumble, although that's always subject to change. If he does remain as a babyface, then he could be a contender for winning the United States Championship from Ambrose. That would be a good way of making an immediate impact upon his return. He could also end up being one of the participants inside the Elimination Chamber match. If he returns as a heel (or rather, turns heel shortly after his comeback), then should Daniel Bryan actually end up with the WWE Championship when Mania is all said and done, a heel Sheamus would be a great first opponent to defend the strap against. They have history (18 seconds and all, although Bryan has already long made up for that loss) and we know they could pull out some damn good matches.

    I did read a few weeks back that Sheamus was pushing for a match with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but that's a pretty laughable idea if true. (What's up with some of these people actually thinking they'll get a match with Taker? First Del Rio, then Ryback, now Sheamus... it's alright to have aspirations and hopes and such, but come on, none of these people have the slightest chance of getting a Wrestlemania XXX match against The Dead Man.)
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  4. Del Rio? Never heard about that but wow that would have been awful.
  5. Why would Del Rio have a match against The Undertaker?
  6. They've tried everything else to get him over I guess, it'd be a very good match though.

    OK, not necessarily 'pushing' for a match with Taker per se, but still stating it would be his dream match (although I'm sure it's every guy's dream match.) Considering how much of a fan Vince is of ADR personally though, I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to put his name in the hat for a possible match with Taker at some point at Mania.

    The match won't happen, but if it did and they needed a logical reason for them squaring off, then the desire to break the streak is the only reason they need. Wrestlemania is the chance to become immortal (as the old saying goes) and what better way to do that than to be the one to end the streak of one of the biggest legends of all time? I know it's pretty standard stuff but it works. There's more money, drama and emotion in a match with other opponents like Lesnar/Cena/etc., though.
  8. I find Del Rio pretty boring, but it would be a better match than against Sheamus
  9. As a character he's pretty awful I'll concede but I love him in ring and think he'd work very well with Taker.
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  10. I like Sheamus a lot, I'll definitely mark if he returns at the Rumble, just give him his heel gimmick, and I'll like him even more. Guy can wrestle.
  11. Same here, Del Rio is one of the best in ring in the WWE IMO.
  12. Would love to see him returning as heel tbh. I'd love to see the Celtic Warrior back instead of everyone's Fella.
    *Calls 1-800-FELLA*
    "Hi, Sheamus? Could you return as heel and kick Orton's arse so he gets injured and gets some time off? He's quite boring...
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  13. Wow, am I the only one who doesn`t like Del Rio?
  14. Nope I cant stand the guy.
  15. I like some of his in ring maneuvers, but that's it...
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