Sheamus talks ADR,MIAB

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  1. posted a backstage interview with World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus from last night's Money In The Bank pay-per-view, who spoke about his victory over Alberto Del Rio.
    "He brought a vicious side of him that I've never seen before," Sheamus said of Del Rio. "But that's what it means to be champion, overcoming obstacles and I overcame one hell of an obstacle tonight."

    Sheamus also addressed Dolph Ziggler almost cashing in his newly won "Money In The Bank" contract after his victory over Del Rio.

    "When you win the Money In The Bank contract and you're carrying that briefcase around, you want to cash in as quickly as possible," Sheamus remarked. "I wasn't one bit surprised when his music hit. I was still in there, I wasn't completely out. Ziggler thought he was going to get the best of me, he had another thing coming. Next time he tries to cash in that Money In The Bank contract, you better make sure that I really am unconscious."
  2. Don't worry Sheamus, I'm sure you'll find a way to bury him even if you are unconscious.

  3. I imagine it being something like this
  4. I suppose that's the video with Big Show pinning Regal while unconscious, can't see it.

    But anyway, Sheamus burying someone while unconscious wouldn't surprise me one bit.
  5. Money in a bank?
  6. *enters thread*

    Shemus is shit and annoying and overrated.

    *leaves thread*
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