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  1. Anyone else miss the beginning of this theme? I think it was removed for more impact (when he comes and saves someone). But I love the beginning :emoji_slight_frown:
  2. Rofl, the first 10 seconds are shit tbh.
    His version is better :emoji_grin:
  3. If it was up to me he'd keep this for his match intro but have the shorter for any interruptions he did. Then again I'd have built up the Celtic warrior gimmick rather then this great white shit. It had so much marketing potential.
  4. Great White is awesome. Classic example of racism by WWE. :coolface:
  5. Completely agreed, I love Sheamus' theme though. Just miss the slow approach, tired of seeing him march in all boring. Man I miss his heel days.
  6. I can't see him going heel again any time soon simply because of the money he makes WWE with his merchandise.
  7. He doesn't sell too much to be honest. But he's really over so he won't be a heel for a while.
  8. It's a shamefull thing,
    Lobster head!

    Sorry, could not resist.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Liked!
  11. Hahaha awesome!
    Thanks guys!
  12. Unlike most WWE workers, Sheamus may be a natural babyface

    He makes a great cartoon character and a relationship w/Hornswoggle is completely organic

    Finlay provided a great template for Sheamus to follow; he loves to fight and you have to respect that

    The irish fight/beer swilling/APA style gimmick is something that could fit Sheamus besides the stereotypical babyface
  13. He has the potential but WWE use him like a pale a few months the IWC is going to be completely sick of him if they carry on. He could use that "I love to fight" gimmick to immitate a Stone Cold like character. Why make him smiley smiley?
  14. Making a great cartoon character is the worst thing that can happen to a wrestler in their career.
    You want to be seen as a no shit taking, smash your face in tough SOB like Austin.

  15. Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, John Cena and Randy Savage all disagree. These larger then life gimmicks are what we need, other wise we get stuck in a cookie cutter mentality.
  16. Sheamus doesn't have the mic skills, look or charisma to be in their league though @[seabs] you must be able to admit that. Sheamus can and has played the badass role in his heel run... he wasn't a coward heel, he was a tough bastard who'd kick your head off.

    That got him over, why change it? Punk got over because of shoot, why change him? It's the main thing I hate.
  17. They all change to some extent... they all do

    HHH became the game... Undertaker became Minister of Darkness then bad a**... Rock began talking faster...

    Austin's rage suddenly turned to pandering... they all had to change for the sake of business

    I hated when Austin mellowed out but business came first

  18. I'm not saying he can or can't all I'm saying is it did no harm to those mentioned having a cartoonish character.

    Edit - read this It's a summary of his gimmick from IWW. It has great marketing potential plus I doubt anyone can see Sheamus lacks the look of a cartoon character. This also shows his charisma has potential to work the comedic / cartoonish character.

    What you've got to remember is he spent the majority of his career as a colourful superhero babyface and his WWE / FCW run was one of his first heel runs. I'm not saying he can portray the role as well as mentioned but he can portray the role.
  19. It's like Drew's theme. It starts out slow but then gets better. If they include the first 10 seconds for Sheamus' it probably would not be good but I like WWE's version to it.
  20. WWE needs to learn how to loop a few themes during certain parts.
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