Sheamus turning heel?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Tombstone Piledriver, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. He Brogue Kicked the ref right into the skull following his DQ to Alberto del Rio.

  2. Nope he's there next big baby face star, plus he's really over with the casual fans.
  3. Nah he won't turn heel, I wish he did. He's just becoming more tweenerish which is a good thing.
  4. Sheamus is Overrated.
    I'm not behind him what so ever.
  5. :ace: is reporting over Twitter that there's a suspension coming soon for Sheamus.

    (Need to stop bringing up news stories like this... Crayo's screams of joy can wake me up 5,000 miles away)
  6. He's a face with an edge. It's what his character needs, so I'm all for it. He's just an Irish bastard who is going to brogue kick you if you cross him.
  7. All for Sheamus placing IRA style spikebombs in Aces office just for kicks raise your hand.
  8. HE SHOULD! But he will not!
  9. I could only hope, because I like him more as heel
  10. For now, he's a designated face. As I posted in another thread, I think he's got the capability to move back and forth without changing a whole lot of his character as time goes by.

    Right now, he's a face. For the near future, he'll probably continue to be a face. Then, he'll do something in a few months or a year to turn himself heel (like attack Punk from behind or something like that).

  11. Correction, that's what he should be. But he's not, he's the happy go lucky smiling Irishman fella.
  12. I meant that's obviously what they are making him into again. You probably didn't watch SD so you missed the segment with Johnnie talking to him cheap shotting Del Rio.
  13. Naa, he said he kicked people's heads off if they deserve it, and de ref deserved it in his opinion.
  14. He's not turning heel. Like said above, it's his character it don't matter who you are if you cross him, you'll get what you deserve.
  15. I saw that, but it was followed by fella smiley smiles so I lost all hope again.
  16. Not even close. He got louder pops for kicking the ref anyway.
  17. Don't see it happening to be honest I just see it as they are trying to give his character a bit of emotion and not just have him as a one dimensional superhero.
  18. You just hate the fella. You'll be aight. His character is clearly being given an edge (as you have been calling for) but you'll just keep on hating. If kicking refs in the face isn't good enough for you idk what to tell you.
  19. The smile is damn annoying. First he's angry and screaming, and then he ends with a smile. So weird..
  20. His smile does grate they need to give him an edge though as despite not being a fan up until the recent superman build and the WM squash I didn't dislike him I just wish they'd give his character something more interesting on play on the warrior side a lot more.
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