Sheamus vs The Miz?

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  1. On Smackdown this week, Miz had another MizTV segment and just like The Miz, it was pretty awesome. Sheamus and The Miz had great chemistry. I loved how Sheamus didn't let The Miz speak at first then all of a sudden Miz randomly gets a his own Mic and just smiles at Sheamus. Honestly I kind of found Dolph Ziggler to be the one to ruin this segment a bit. They didn't need to fight. It should have just been Miz and Sheamus. Anyway what does everyone else think? Do you think a Miz/Sheamus feud would work? Possibly at Survivor Series (Miz being the cover boy for it and all)
  2. Sheamus kills all momentum around him. He's the momentum hoover, if you want Miz's new found TV show and spotlight to stay good, then you wouldn't want him anywhere near Sheamus.
  3. Miz can't last 90 seconds with Ryback... why would he suddenly be in line for a WHC feud? He has zero credibility at this point.
  4. The brawl was absolutely gorgeous..

    Too bad Sheamus did the job on his own vs two. I think it would be awesome to see stuff like that weekly on Miz TV.
    It starts out normally, and at the end there is some kind of brawl or anything like that. I can see it happen to be honest.
  5. I can't stand either of them, I'd pay no attention to the feud whatsoever.
  6. Miz isn't credible right now, and although that feud would be OK (I guess), there's no reason and it wouldn't benefit Miz a lot.
  7. I feel this could be a serious contender for Most Boring Match Possible.
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  8. Absolutely. Neither guy is unique or interesting in the ring, and they only put on good matches when paired with someone who can lead them to a good match. The two of them together would be....

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