Sheamus vs. Titus

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Apr 29, 2014.

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  1. Wow. I don't like Titus but that was incredible burying there. No sells his attack and then does that. Sheamus get injured again please.

    What did other people think about the segment/match?
  2. I laughed at it, honestly. I remember saying to a friend "Man, despite the attack I get a feeling Titus is gonna job harder than he has ever jobbed before" and I was actually right. Expected Sheamus to win after a match, but just hitting a kick like that... yeah, buried Titus for good.
  3. Only last few fights of titus's ive though wow that guy has baseball mitts for hands and i hate that bark type thing he does through some fights. Anyway to the match over that quickly was very disappointed. ive no love for either man
  4. The whole match was sloppy as hell!

    I was rather disappointed in both of them.
  5. Well it's good to know the midgets angle is better quality than Sheamus/Titus, but I expected that honestly.
  6. Titus has become such a jobber.
  7. Yeah, they don't have any plans for him it seems, just want to job him out... Hey, Darren Young's not doing anything, maybe the two of them could be a nice charismatic tag team together? Just a thought.
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  8. Worthless time waster of a match.
  9. Then he jobs out just as much to Big E on Smackdown, I mean what are they doing with him.
  10. Such a waste, stupid of WWE to do. If they were going to treat him like this, mind as well keep Prime Time Players together...although, since Young is injured, he would probally still be doing the same thing anyways.
  11. I just don't get why they'd have him come out and literally beat down Sheamus for him to lose like that, then on Smackdown for him to beat up Big E to the point of a DQ to then job out super hard to Big E afterwards.

    It's like they went "Ok so we'll have Titus beat up Big E to a DQ" "Oh wait he's the Intercontinental Champion, so lets make him beat up Titus instead because for some reason this makes total sense, to have a guy who's supposed to be booked as a tough guy. Who then gets beaten both times he's supposed to look strong, DERP".
  12. The answer is simple: WWE aint give no fuck.
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  13. Still should have kept the Prime Time Players together, best Tag Team in the WWE!
  14. They want him to job, but also look strong. Simultaneously. Not sure how that works.
  15. Pro Tip: It doesn't.
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