WrestleMania Sheamus wants Undertaker

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Oct 19, 2012.

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  2. You're already in a way higher position than you deserve to be, so stop being a greedy fucker you useless ginger waste of space.
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  3. I don't want to see that. The rage throughout the entire IWC in the scenario where Sheamus wins would be funny to see though.
  4. Lol this.
  5. Oh god no.
  7. If this ever happens multiple people will try to jump the barricade during this match, myself included.
  8. They'd probably make it HiAC. :haha:
  9. Psh I'm gonna Mick Foley that sum bitch
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  10. Would be nice to see.
  11. Please say we're not actually gonna get this match. This is like the third interview where Sheamus has mentioned wanting to fight Undertaker, almost as if he's already teasing it happening because WWE is seriously thinking in that direction. I know Sheamus wouldn't win (...right?) but the match itself would suck.
  12. Imagine the epic promos Kevin.
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  13. I'm trying not to. :eww:
  14. Undertaker needs to take on the next big face of the WWE at WM29 for sure... but didn't that 2.5 teach them that Sheamus is not that guy?
  15. I'm with you. We'll beat on Sheamus together. :win:
  16. If Sheamus beats The Undertaker I'll ambush him at the airport and cut off his dick. Won't be good I suppose though, he'll be able to ride HHH's dick easier then.
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  17. The one good thing about Sheamus-Taker is that it would show that Sheamus isn't still champion by the time Wrestlemania happens. Because no way is Undertaker winning a belt, and no way is Sheamus beating Taker.
  18. It would destroy the internets.

  19. Sheamus: Hey fella, I'm going to ride into i'm wrestlemania twanty ine on my great grandfather's donkey and kick you face in fella. After that I'm going down to the nearest pub and knock a few back with my cousin rey mysterio sullivan areebur. Then when I'm done I'm going to stop at the nearest CVS and get some anal lube so it's a little bit easier on my arsehole when Triple Hatech is fuckin it, fella.
  20. I want to say to Sheamus right now, "Fella, you can't want Undertaker. He'll bury you alive..." Brb gonna tell it to him on twitter.
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