Sheamus was in the WWE in 2006

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  1. I had no idea he was a bodyguard while they did a show in Manchester in 2006. lol Thought it was worth sharing.
  2. Yeah, it happens quite a bit.
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  3. Was gonna post this too.
  4. I'm sure everyone knows this by now, but Punk made his first WWE appearance that year as well. He was one of the wiseguys carrying a tommy gun when Cena made his old-school gangster entrance. They even brought it up during the '11 Summer of Punk angle.

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  5. May as well mention that Ziggler was in Shallow Hal. lol I couldn't find the video. It is the club scene.
  6. Cesaro was a security guard back around that time as well.
    WWE uses local talent a lot to fill out these small spots.

    Joey Rya, currently owner of the most famous penis in wrestling was a plant during Summerslam in I think 2012, when Mark Henry tackled Sheamus through the barricade. Current NXT indy import Tomasso Ciampa was Muhammed Hassan's lawyer as well.
  7. Pretty sure Wade Barrett was a security in the segment too, OP.
  8. 90% sure he was. Him, Sheamo and Galloway were thick as thieves back then. Granted since they were the only guys on the UK scene taller than 6,2 they got grouped together early on.
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