Sheamus, winning me over.

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  1. Anyone who knows me well on this forum, I wasn't too much of a fan of Sheamus. I dunno why, but last night on the mic he kind of won me over. I wish they gave him more time. Though, he needs to cut out the jokes and the no-selling; but overall he has quite a big presence about him.

    Looking forward to him & Bryan, as someone mentioned in the discussion thread; this match last year was the dark US championship match for mania. Not even televised, now it's the ME for the WHC.

    Let's hope he doesn't let me down on SmackDown -.-
  2. Wow gone to 'stop the superman act' to 'I love him' nice to see you coming to the ginger and white side :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  3. He won for a reason. There's something about him that screams big superstar. I quiet like his jokes, better than Cena's but he does need to get rid of the no-selling.
  4. I love how he talks about his grandfather in back in Ireland, lol
  5. He still has to quit the sueperman act and I definitely don't love him :nudge:. But I like his Irish gimmick. The bad-ass Irishman with loads of stories to tell.
  6. Haha, that was a fast change. Just before RAW you were calling him a no skilled pale **** :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    But yeah, I agree. But hey, I've always liked him. I just wanted him to stop having bouts with Jinder Mahal >.<

    He's insanely over with the crowd, has a great gimmick, great mic skills, and a good brawling in ring style. Definitely future top maineventer.
  7. Sheamus vs Finley on the RAW before Mania would be epic...
  8. It would be because Finlay is great in ring but why would Finlay come back now?
  9. Doesn't he train FCW stars now?
  10. He got fired :

    More about it there.
  11. Because he's the only Irish bastard in the WWE. rofl.
  12. He's the wrong kind of Irish :hehe: .
  13. I wouldn't mind Finlay vs Sheamus though, both had their gimmicks as "Brawlers".
  14. Isn't he from Belfast Ireland?
  15. Yeah that's in Northern Ireland. Sheamus is from the Republic, two different countries.
  16. Oh I see. Well, Sheamus is a badass, and Finley loves to fight.. :emoji_grin:
  17. I barely watch WWE these days, but from what I see - Fella is by far the best babyface in WWE. He's so natural, really charismatic. He's a good athlete too. I'm glad he won the Rumble match, hopefully he and Bryan will steal the show at Mania. Just not in the opening spot, lol...
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  18. Have a bad feeling they will be in the opening match. They like to open WM with a bang, and that match would be a great match.

    You're right, Sheamus could be massive. I wish he was booked better though. Will be hard for them to steal the show with Rock v Cena, Punk v Jericho and the likely Taker vs HHH :emoji_slight_frown:.
  19. this match is upsetting! :angry::angry: